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Geeks and Gear - Dustin Stout

Geeks & Gear: Dustin Stout

Dustin Stout keeps busy with activities in the areas of design, branding, social media, blogging and a lot more.


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IOGear KeyMander

Review: IOGear KeyMander for Console Gaming

The KeyMander is an enthusiast’s tool. If you’re an action-game junkie looking for the greatest possible level of fine control in shooters, the KeyMander was designed specifically for you.

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Apogee One LEDs


If you want to record on the go and only want to bring a small amount of equipment, you would be hard pressed to find a more portable setup than the Apogee ONE and an iPhone or iPad.

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John P. Plays Bouncy Ninja

Keep Those Ninjas Bouncing!

John P. shows off the new and viral little Bouncy Ninja game! It's free and you can get it on the Apple App Store.
Our Youngest Patron

Meeting Our Youngest Patron, Michael Malecha

While up at the Mall of America for the live stream I did with Verizon, I got to meet Michael Malecha (@MichaelTMalecha on Twitter), our youngest Geek Beat Patron!
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