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Geek Beat TV wallpaper on a laptop

Geek Beat TV Wallpapers

We now have the perfect thing for those who love stylish digital desktops - a collection of official Geek Beat TV wallpapers!

Korner Brings Home Security to Everyone

It wasn’t too long ago that security systems were prohibitively expensive and had to be installed and monitored by someone like ADT. An Indiegogo project called Korner aims to change that.
Geeks and Gear - Ben Swann

Geeks and Gear: Ben Swann

Ben Swann is the founder of the Truth in Media Project. I talked to him about his work as a journalist and the way he’s used online media as a tool for connecting people and getting news out.


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Review: Line 6 AMPLIFi

It isn’t every day that a product has a chance to to truly disrupt an industry. The Line 6 AMPLIFi is one of those.

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Sub Sandwich on Geek Beat Vlog 52

Lunch at Jersey Mike’s

Today, Cali dragged me to Jersey Mike's for a delicious sub. She was excited about Jersey Mike's new iOS app that lets...
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