10 Tech Predictions for 2013

China Surges in Science Research

Watch for big things from China. The UK’s National Science Academy forecasts 2013 to be the year that the Chinese overtake the U.S. in scientific research.

1st Gene Therapy in Western World

This year will see the first approved gene therapy in the western hemisphere in the form of Glybera which will treat lipoprotein lipase deficiency, which can cause severe pancreatitis.

Chips Get Smaller

2013 could also be the year we see chipmakers downsize from 22 nanometers to 14 nanometers.

Big Solar Flares Ahead

NASA is keeping a close watch on the sun as the current solar storm cycle (Cycle 24) peaks this year, with large solar flares expected right after the peak.

Gaia Mission Launch

The ambitious five-year Gaia mission aims to compile a 3D catalog of 1 percent of the Milky Way – that’s about two BILLION stars.

Space-X Falcon Heavy

The USA’s most powerful rocket since the manned moon missions is scheduled for test flight this year. The Falcon Heavy from Space-X will first test launch from Vandenburg with launches from Cape Canaveral to follow.

New Xbox at E3

There’ve been all sorts of early leaks about 16-core IBM CPUs powering a new version of Xbox codenamed “Durango” and speculation about 3D super-sensitive next-generation Kinect cameras.

Fast Food Robots Hit the U.S.

Let’s Pizza, the robotic pizzamaker in a box that has already taken parts of Europe and Chile by storm, will introduce its vending-machine-made fresh pizzas in the U.S. this year. And Momentum Machines’ robotic hamburger line will make your burgers to order and is small enough to fit in a food truck or vending machine.

More Robotics Breakthroughs from DARPA

DARPA has another robotics design competition underway. In June, concept designers will show off their simulated creations in a virtual robotics challenge, and in December, they’ll hold a real heavy metal festival as actual robots compete for future funding and development.

What’s YOUR Guess for #10?

That’s nine predictions, now we’d like you to tell us what you think will be big in science and tech this year!