2015 Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban, 2015 GMC Yukon/Yukon XL Unveiled!

I love cars. Well, I also love trucks. Of course when I say “trucks”, that includes SUVs. I’m quite fond of motorcycles too. Well, I digress… today, just miles away from the factory where they were built, I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak at GM’s new lineup of full sized SUVs – The Chevy Yukon / Suburban and GMC Denali. And guess what? THESE are the updates I’ve been waiting for to truly fall in love with Chevy trucks.

2015 Chevy Tahoe / GMC Yukon Look and Feel

2015 Chevy Suburban LED LightsLets start with the outside. I mean, don’t be giving me a bunch of “beauty is only skin deep” mumbo jumbo. Everyone likes to hang out with supermodels! Again, I digress.

Where was I? Oh yeah, these trucks look good! Don’t get me wrong, if you just catch a glimpse you know they are still distinctly GM. They didn’t go way off the reservation here with some radical new designs. But what they did was smooth out and refine virtually all of the lines.

2015 Chevy Suburban Body Lines

These new machines are sleek, and about as sexy as a giganto beast of a machine can be. I’m sure 5 years from now we’ll find better looking models coming out. But as of this moment, these are probably the best looking full-sized SUVs being built. Suffice it to say, the ladies won’t mind hopping in one of these bad boys – either as a passenger, or as its captain!

2015 Chevy Tahoe / GMC Yukon Powertrains

For those who want to peer into these machines souls to see what they’re made of, you’ll find a new engine lineup featuring GM’s EcoTec3 engine family. A 5.3L V-8 is standard in Yukon and Yukon XL models (355 hp / 383 lb-ft of torque) and an exclusive 6.2L engine is standard in Denali models, which puts 420 horsepower and 460 lb-ft of torque directly under your right foot. All that power is good for towing between 7800 and 8500 pounds.

2015 Chevy Suburban 4WD ControlsThese new engines include a lot of new tech, including direct injection, cylinder deactivation, continuously variable valve timing, hydraulic engine mounts, electronic throttle control, adaptive exhaust systems, and Active Fuel Management. MPG estimates are not yet available, but lets just say that you don’t drive the biggest vehicles on the road because its “good for the planet”.

One thing I find a little disappointing is that the drivetrains both include the Hydra-Matic 6L80 six-speed automatic transmission. Oh, there’s nothing wrong with it! But Dodge has a magnificent 8-speed that improves performance and fuel economy, so GM and Ford have some catching up to do in that area.

2015 Chevy Tahoe / GMC Yukon Technology and Features

2015 Chevy Suburban Driver Controls

Moving on to the part that will appeal most to the Geek in all of us, the Tahoe / Yukon lineup includes a whole host of standard and optional technology! Lets see:

  • 2015 GMC Denali HUDHeads Up Display
  • 8″ color touch screen radio
  • SIX USB ports and SIX power outlets + a 110v outlet! HOLY MOTHER!
  • Blu-ray entertainment systems
  • Push-button remote start
  • A hidden rear windshield wiper arm
  • 360 degree radar and crash avoidance systems
  • 2015 Chevy Suburban Split Folded Seat InteriorPower fold flat rear AND second row seating!
  • Forward collision alert
  • Front park assist
  • Lane departure warning
  • Lane change assist
  • Magnetic ride control
  • Variable assist power steering
  • Electronic throttle control
  • Adaptive exhaust systems
  • 2015 GMC Denali Front GrillProjector beam headlamps
  • LED daytime running lamps
  • Rear cross traffic alert
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Safety alert seats (vibrate for the driver)
  • Front center airbag
  • Interior motion sensors for security
  • A front console large enough to store a laptop or iPad
  • And of course On-Star!

That’s a pretty long list! Now, it’s not the most technologically adept system on the road – but it is now the most technology you can get in a full sized SUV.

2015 Chevy Tahoe / GMC Yukon Summary

2015 GMC Denali Front Seats
GM is officially announcing these trucks at the Texas State Fair in a couple of weeks. I predict they’re going to be a big hit, and given their improved looks, power, and features, I would expect to see them flying off the shelves! That is… unless another war starts in the middle east, driving gas prices further through the roof, reminding people they have to actually pay attention to not only how big and beautiful their vehicle is – but what kind of an economy footprint it leaves as well.

No pricing has been announced, and God only knows when you’ll be able to actually get your hands on one, but I’m going to estimate that if you’ve got the cheese for it, its going to run you in the $60k+ range to pick one up that is totally loaded. $50k+ for a more basic model. But hey, my philosophy is GO BIG, OR GO HOME!

As for me, I can’t wait to get my hands on one! And when we do, we’ll bring you a full on video review complete with all the details. Stay tuned!

2015 Chevy Tahoe / GMC Yukon Image Gallery

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