22-Inch Viewsonic Tablet

NASA’s Lunar “No Trespassing” Request

With the growing possibility of privately funded lunar missions, NASA has issued some guidelines asking future moon travelers to stay a safe distance from NASA sites and equipment.

LG Brings Full HD to Smartphones

LG is bringing true 1080p resolution to smartphones with a new 5-inch display that boasts 440 pixels per inch.

Viewsonic Teases 22-Inch Tablet

If tablets in the 10-inch range just aren’t big enough, you may be interested in the 22-inch tablet Viewsonic is teasing for a debut at Computex.

MIT Helps Get Ketchup Out of Bottles

Research at MIT has yielded a breakthrough for one of our most pressing problems – getting ketchup out of the bottle!


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    The liquid glide definitely looks interesting, but I haven’t had to teach my kids about getting the ketchup out. We have squeeze bottles. :) I do remember that my parents used to add a bit of water to the glass ketchup bottle to get the last bit out and I hated the watered down ketchup!