GeekBeat.TV #28 | Future Tech: Cell Phone Dress, Smartphone Bracelet, Giant-Wheeled Vehicles, Chocolate Tech

Cell Phone Dress
Ever caught without pockets and no place to put your phone? This cell phone dress has the answer! How do you feel about a future where we wear our phones?

Smartphone Bracelet
If you don’t want a phone built into your clothes, how about your jewelry? This smartphone bracelet shows what can happen tech meets the old slap bracelets kids like.

Giant-Wheeled Vehicles
It looks like something from a “Star Wars” movie, but the 2 for 2 is a design being envisioned for around 2050. But what happens when you slam on the brakes?

Chocolate Tech
No one likes having their candy bars melt in the wrapper. Kraft wants to bring you a new kind of packaging that will keep your candy pristine even in hot climates.


  1. Cameron says

    I think when my kids grow up, they won’t be carrying any gadgets in their hands, pockets or clothes. That’s because all devices will be micro implants with neurological interfacing, including retinal implants for display.

  2. Ben says

    Speaking of the future of cars, in a recent People magazine, a $200,000 car was announced. Like a convertible, with the touch of a button it changes form. This time, though, the button will allow a set of wings to come out. Head over to an airport and you can take off. This car can fly! People have pre-ordered, and it is scheduled to be released in 2011!

  3. says

    I think that between 4Q10 & 1Q11, Intel’s Lightpeak will be out and about in the upcoming consumer designs.

    I see Router Bricks (soft-routers) using the 10Gbps Lightpeak connections, acting as an Other2Edge-router ( handles the routing tree between ISP, consumer, & many local-mesh fiber nodes). With good design we can have large neighborhoods and cities interconnected with fiber for an individual cost of ~$100 (the price of the “node”) per ~100m radius, and it may or may not need specific cable &/or labor costs.

    One GPL Mesh-routing program later, and WE get the chance to add to the “last-mile” fiber-backbone. We add our local peices of fiber from the side of the consumer, not the ISP, whom has been the sole authority’s for a long time.

    Finally, as entire cities are interconnected with fiber, which includes schools, universities, and government buildings, We the People can get the internet for free, as the government pays transit costs extra-city, and we have a common node-to-node free policy (#N2N4Free or Tier-0 Contract) between our local neighbors (<~100 meters).

    I have had a dream of a free internet for decades, with that dream I understand that I have needed to pay a premium for the internet, as the speeds I could get locally were never fast enough (e.g. B.B.S.'s). The time is almost upon us when we can set up peering agreements with our neighbors to blanket the neighborhood with fiber to use the combined power of everyones ISP's until the fiber can reach a government fiber-switch, then we optimize who has the best connections per ISP & farm out the cost to everyone (which should lower everyones monthly bill).

    The problem, If OUR BLIS Mesh-internet is better @ routing than the teir-1-etc ISP, then the ISP might try to use OUR BLIS Mesh-internet, to reduce their overhead, which is fine, as long as they know they should negotiate an agreement with us for peer-transit costs as right now their only agreement is with money, directly.

    #SawyerIII @ asstd

  4. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

    I do like the clothing line, this would be another great gift idea, though I don’t think I’d sport one myself. I’m actually very happy you brought this to us, as I have a friend now who is hard to shop for & loves clothes. The two wheel vehicle, well a little silly for me, I already give folks good ammo for making fun of me, but they look really cool!!! The Dove line of candies are practically un-meltable as is. I was short on chocolate sauce one night & I tried to melt the Doves, but it didn’t really happen, even in the ol’ microwave for 2 full minutes. And as for the best future technology, is an idea my friend Tina had, a Blue Tooth enabled ladies cell phone already built into the purse, she was always forgetting the phone, but not the purse. BTW, do you actually own a Segway Cali? “B”

  5. Profile photo of Gord McLeod says

    The two wheeled vehicle looks cool, probably fun to drive.
    I’m not sure about chocolate that doesn’t melt though, that wouldn’t be much fun at a fondue party!