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Getting Ready to Jump
To kick off OpenCamp, the US Army Golden Knights parachute team invited me on a tandem skydive. This was nothing I had ever wanted to do, but you don’t say no to these guys!

Freefall and Interview
To make the experience even more special, I decided to conduct the world’s first mid-skydive interview. We talk about the technology that makes these jumps possible.

Safe Landing
After a fantastic dive, SFC Michael Elliott brought us in for a great landing!

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10 Responses

  1. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek)

    It looked so easy. All that planning, training and great anticipation, did it seam like it was all over too quickly? It’s funny, all that technology & that spanning strap directly above you was making most of the noise, otherwise I could hear you fine. Did you notice how fast the plane disappeared away from you? But it was very exciting & I’m so glad you had fun. What a great resume you have now.. “B”

  2. Brian Buckland

    Welcome to the sky ;) Picture perfect landing btw…..very nice! You should do a piece on the technology used for skydiving….the parachutes / video & still equipment to record the experience! Just a thought!

  3. Bill Riski

    Great episode. Fun just to watch and admire how you brought all the video & audio together (and a few subtitles – thanks for that.) I enjoyed it so much I broke down and made a contribution.

  4. Avatar of Cali Lewis
    Cali Lewis

    Hmm…I don’t know what the gloves said. I was too busy cutting a hole in them for the camera to go in that I didn’t pay attention! :)

  5. Garrett Smith

    What were the gloves you both were wearing? The N? Was it for Navy??