GeekBeat.TV #38 | Jorno Foldable Keyboard, Neurophotonics, LINX Cordless Vacuum, GV Connect, Spray-On Clothing, A Word About Sponsors

Jorno Foldable Keyboard
Foldable Bluetooth keyboards are nothing new, but one you want to use might be noteworthy. The Jorno folds up small enough to fit in a pocket but unfolded is only 15% smaller than a full-sized keyboard. You might even want to try it with one of these refurbished iPads.

Researchers at Southern Methodist University are developing a way to connect the brain to an artificial limb with fiber optics. It’s called neurophotonics and it could be a major step toward making replacement limbs work more like real ones.

LINX Cordless Vacuum
Do you ever wish you had a small rechargeable vacuum that was easy to operate and empty? Maybe you’re wishing for the Hoover LINX, a trim and handy device for keeping smaller spaces tidy.

GV Connect
After Apple’s loosening of some restrictions in the App Store, they’ve made a lot of people happy by approving GV Connect, a native app that makes using Google Voice from the iPhone easier.

Spray-On Clothing
Would you be interested in getting dressed with a spray can? This spray-on cloth fiber forms clothing that can actually be removed and worn multiple times.

A Word About Sponsors
We’ve changed the ad placement in GeekBeat.TV. What do you think? Does the show flow better now? Please leave a comment and tell us what you think.

Sponsored by GoToMeeting
With budget cuts left and right, teleconferencing is looking better and better. GoToMeeting makes the process easy, and they have a free 30-day trial to get you started. Remember to use the code GEEK when getting set up.


  1. David says

    I have a love hate relationship with your show, mixing it up with another host would be a good thing for the show overall. I like the content and format of the show, i think the delivery of the adds could be a lot less annoying. I tend to watch the majority of podcasts while traveling so one show after the other most of the time. I personally don’t like your delivery of content, it’s ok but not for more than a few shows at a time. Why not mix in another host, make it more about the show and the technology and less about Cali, although you do look good in a tshirt, i’m just saying.

  2. seeker5528 says

    On the ads, it’s pretty standard, everywhere it seems like, to have one before the content, outside of that half to two thirds of the way through seems like a good spot, wherever it fits more naturally between the segments of the episode. Personally if they are at the end, I’m likely not to watch then, in spite of the fact that I do like to watch the out takes.

    Later, Seeker

  3. says

    Cali — love the articles and the new format. Ads are a necessary part of the show and we (should) all understand that. New format works well!

  4. Steve says

    The format is fine. Ads are fine. The theme “song” is very annoying. I mute my computer at the start of each podcast.

  5. Victor Stepanov says

    Hey Cali I think most of us understand that wouldn’t be able to produce such great content with out the financial support from the ads! So it doesn’t really matter where the ads go. So really it is not the end of the world when an ad is shown in the beginning or the middle or the end! I really love the show and keep up the great work!

    Victor, Russia

  6. says

    I never found the ads to be a problem, though I do think you ought to contact Apple about getting paid, considering how much of your show ends up being about their products sometimes. I bet that Jorno keyboard would work just fine with an Android phone or a PS3, for example. The subscription buttons are also pretty heavily Apple-flavored. I watch your show through Miro, how about giving them a button too?

  7. Alex (@harzack86) says

    I also welcome the change in the add, its placement is now less disruptive for the otherwise great content.
    It’s a great feeling to know you’re paying attention to your listeners, and working hard to improve your show based on everyone’s comment :-) Thanks for that!

      • says

        hi Cali,

        any luck with getting this episode into the MP4 small feed? I see yesterday’s episode up there but I still can’t see the episode from the 20th. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, maybe looking at the wrong feed. Not a biggie, just wondering.

  8. Mick Biddulph says

    Well I did notice the ad was ‘off centre’ so to speak, but the ads have never worried me. YOU are doing the ad, not some annoying dude using his ‘BIG SHOUTY VOICE’ to tell me about something.

    So the sound of you talking and the vision, regardless of the subject, has always given the show a lovely smooth flow and I barely notice the ad at all.

    So…it’s just great information and value from you guys as usual – keep it up


  9. Myvoiceinyrhead says

    Don’t notice the change in Ad TBH. I usually duel watch so will just look at the TV or another window when I see an Ad.

    Keep up the great work Cali. I know its been a struggle, what with the end of Geekbrief etc. I’m amazed this popular show (the techies tech show) hasn’t been picked up by a network. There are so many cheap imitations out there. Cpt Janeway is proud of you too 😉

    Ps. I bought an iPad BECAUSE IT HAS A KEYBOARD, I don’t need to spend $90 on another one!!!!

  10. says

    I agree with the format change Cali. That ad right in the middle did disrupt the flow of the show and I’m glad that they have been removed from the middle of the show.

    You do a great job Cali! God is proud of you :)

  11. Digid says

    We have used that Hoover Linx vacuum for months, and we really like it. We also have the Linx hand vacuum. They use the same batteries, so adding the hand vacuum also means you have a spare battery if you run out of juice on the stick vac.

    As far as ads, I don’t mind them at all, wherever they fall in the episodes, as long as you keep up the compelling content.

  12. Alex says

    This format seems about right. The Ad certainly didn’t intrude, this is one of the few shows that I don’t seem to have the need to fast forward the ads. Happy to watch through until your great bloopers!! (sort of look forward to them!)

  13. Lisa says

    thank you for moving the ads. I did dislike them in the center of the show. I’d often end the ad and probably missed any remaining segments.

  14. says

    Keep the ads the way they are.

    Anyone who has complained about them has not watched anything else on Revision3 at all. Somehow manages to get through the ads in a fraction of the time it takes other shows, giving only the relevant information.

    If you move them to the start people will just skip over them. If you move them to the end people will just stop watching.

    The only other thing I can say for feedback is that I hate the out-takes. It’s just a personal thing. Cali’s laugh is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

    • Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

      George; in most web shows and podcasts that I see, the ads unskipable. Their will be a countdown timer which will state “your show will start in ‘XX’ number of seconds”.

      Nails on a chalkboard A??? But that’s her trademark, it’s that infectious laugh which helps sell the show for me… “B”

  15. Andy Seal says

    Definitely approve the advert placement change. Chalk and Cheese. The new format flows, the old format jarred. Thanks for the effort you make to keep a good relationship with your viewers.

  16. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

    Ya I agree, another fold up keyboard BD!!!. But when I finally get an iPod, I hope I can find a place to try out a few portable KBs before buying, I hate sooooo much being drawn in on something that looks cool in the commercial, then being sooooo disappointed when I bring it home. Neurophotonics or some form of it have been in the works since the late 70s, it’s just the means of transceiving the data which has improved. I will go for the Linx Vac for the beach house, I tried many cordless vacs, all go dead too soon, & not just the charge runs down, the nickel cadmium batt just fails. I invented spray-on clothing in the mid 1960s when I got into my dad’s paint cabinet, my mom wanted to CALL the Rust-Oleum people & thank them for her son’s new aunsaumb.

    I noticed the two guys doing the Go Daddy ad is now at the end, instead of the beginning. And sometimes the Go Daddy ad did not start the show at all. I also noticed if I hit the watch again button, the ad didn’t start the show either…. Weird, did U notice this Cali? But otherwise, I love the show either way… “B”

  17. says

    To make these efforts work, we either pay for the show or you do ads — so I really don’t mind where the ads are. Great show. Actually wish they were a little longer (10 min+?).

    Keep up the great work!

  18. says

    I like the format also. Especially when you bring it in as you did here (with the after this break). I’m assuming that it will be placed in various locations during the episode? If so, that would be great.

    Have a great day:)

  19. Erik says

    Cali, you don’t have to feel responsible for what the viewers are to stubborn to see as reality. As nice as a world without advertisements would be, let’s face it, technology is driven by the economy, and the economy is driven by information. Information includes advertisements, and no matter the hellish annoyances they give consumers, information must go on. If viewers can’t accept this, we are lost and are forced to return to stone age mindless existence. They’ll get used to it, trust me.