GeekBeat.TV #46 | eLegs Help People Walk, Tranquility While Writing, Tactile GPS, Zombies Rise on the Mac, Introducing WebBeat.TV

eLegs Help People Walk
BerkleyBionics is helping paralyzed people get out of their wheelchairs and walk with the help of a new exoskeleton called eLegs.

Tranquility While Writing
Why just go for a quiet place to write, when you can have a word processor that takes your focus seriously. Ommwriter Gives you soothing music while shutting out all those other distracting apps.

Tactile GPS
If you want a little more force feedback in your driving (without putting a dent in your car) you’ll like this idea to have GPS direction delivered by sense of touch through the steering wheel.

Zombies Rise on the Mac
Mac users are often left out of the gaming fun, but if you’re looking to protect the world from some zombies, the Left 4 Dead games are coming to your platform of choice.

Introducing WebBeat.TV
There’s a new show in town and it’s all about the stuff that makes the web great! WebBeat.TV is hosted by Pelpina Trip, and she’ll be taking you on a tour of the all the best viral and useful corners of the Internet three times a week!

Sponsored by Lucha Libre
If you’d rather get your gaming kicks with some masked Mexican wrestling, Lucha Libre: Heroes del Ring is the game for you! Pre-order and you can even get your own Lucha mask!


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

    eLeggs would be great for my ex, (Lauren) who has Spina-Bifida, and is wheelchair bound for life, she would loved this, I applaud companies like this who make disabled persons mobile again. Interesting you mention distractions and writing. A writer/photographer friend of mine recently stayed at by beach house here in NJ, she was born and raised in NYC, and found that she was most distracted by the *lack* of disturbing noise, she’d gotten so used to all the various city sounds, anywhere else seams to be out of place for her. For the younger set, the Tactile GPS would be cool, but for me and and anyone over maybe 50, this would be pretty freaky, certainly something to get used to. My mom thought something was wrong in her new Lexus, with the automatic headlight turning! WebBeat TV is very cool, I have to catch up w/all the shows. It’s good to know your innovative talent for creation is branching out, (again)!!! What’s next on the plan sheet Cali, GameBeat TV? Now that would be a field goal!!! “B”