4K, Robots, and More – The Best of CES 2013

Marketing at CES

From women being body painted at the Hypershop booth, to a guy doing mid-air flips to demonstrate earbuds that don’t shake out, there were some very creative marketing schemes in play.

Unusual Products at CES

From free Internet from FreedomPop to forks and spoons that encourage you to eat slower, there was lots of innovative thinking at CES this year. And let’s not forget the iPotty, bringing iPads to toilet training, and the awesome HexBright open-source programmable flashlight.

Robots at CES

The Lego Mindstorm line will be getting an upgrade later this year with the release of the Mindstorm EV set, which brings iOS and Android control to your robotic creations. The Paro robot is a little seal that helps kids and Alzheimer’s patient feel better. And the WheeMe is a massaging robot that crawls over your back.

Home Automation at CES

While there was a lot of home automation stuff at CES, the Iris system from Lowe’s really stood out due to the fact that it all runs from a single app.

4K Screens at CES

From the Panasonic 4K 20-inch tablet to the RedRay player that provides 4K content in home theaters, extremely high definition video was very apparent at the show.

Biggest Surprise at CES

We were very impressed by the things we saw at the Hisense booth, from transparent 3D displays to smart appliances, this is a company doing some very cool stuff.

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