5 Best Weather Apps You Haven’t Heard Of


A great weather app for kids, WeatherDog drops a 3D cartoon dog in scenes that depict weather in cities around the world.


Swackett focuses on what sorts of clothes might be best for a given day’s weather forecast.


Weather+, available on both iOS and Android, gives you forecasts with beautifully rendered background scenes.

Dark Sky

Dark Sky brings you at-the-moment weather. You’ll know you have three minutes to make it to the building before the rain starts pouring down.


WeatherCaster is feature packed, but its UI is uncluttered and simple to browse. Unfortunately it’s iPad only, but as they get off the ground, I certainly hope to see it on other platforms!


  1. says

    I love the purple background/lights. This was a fun one to watch – looks like it was a great workout for Cali too. :) She didn’t have to go to the gym…although that means she wouldn’t have seen the weather and gotten the idea to do this show.

  2. albie says

    WeatherCaster IS a great app, I’ve been using it for a while now and the interactive map is my favorite part because you can get pinpoint detailed info for anywhere