GeekBeat.TV #53 | Tablet with a 20-Hour Battery, Foursquare Check-in from Space, Netflix Streaming-Only Accounts, Robots for Therapy

Tablet with a 20-Hour Battery
Notion Ink might have a pretty desirable selling point for their Adam tablet if they can bring it to market with the 15 – 20 hour battery life they are currently seeing in tests.

Foursquare Check-in from Space
Social media is going orbital as astronaut Doug Wheelock made the first Foursquare check-in from space, and earned a NASA Explorer badge for doing it!

Netflix Streaming-Only Accounts
Quite a few people have the minimum Netflix account, which includes one disc out at a time, but they only use the account for streaming. Netflix is testing a streaming-only option for those people.

Robots for Therapy
Therapies for conditions like autism are beginning to incorporate robots to substitute for helper animals and to help with interactions.


  1. Henkbanaan says

    Hey Pelpina great job (and fun putto)! Doe de volgende keer maar de hele aflevering in het Nederlands 😉 !

  2. Micah says

    Pelpina – great job
    Technicality comment on the NASA Explorer badge segment:
    the “Kennedy Center” is in Washington, DC. the “Kennedy Space Center” is in Florida

  3. says

    Mark – Sorry you were frustrated by the audio! We were too and fixed it as soon as possible by re-releasing the episode. We didn’t even post it here on the site until it was fixed. As for Pelpina, I’ve never heard anyone complain they couldn’t understand her – she speaks great English and barely has an accent – almost none! And really… she should be easier to understand than me since I talk so fast. :) I understand that you were bothered by the audio and probably lashing out on everything because of it. But try to remember to be courteous to people.

    • Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

      GM Cali, I hope you’re really getting a chance to relax & do some fun stuff w/your sister, your new niece is so adorable in the pic you sent us in twitter!!!

      I was thinking about who Mark is actually referring to when he says “you put some one on that has a problem with English”, I don’t think he meant Pelpina after all, she does speak beautiful American English, It seams more like he means the lady describing the one therapeutic bear, *she* has a very thick accent, & with the background sounds, it’s even harder to hear her… “B”

  4. Kim says

    English is not even my first language and I could understand her just fine. Have to agree with the seal video though… Anyway, Good job Pelpina! That clip at the end is hilarious.

  5. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

    The idea of such a long battery life on a tablet, laptop or net-book is great, but I have to wonder if theirs anything I’m sacrificing, such as computing power, Wi-Fi ability or screen brightness. Foursquare Check-in from Space, why not? Someday internet access of *all* types from space will be as normal as it is becoming available from our cars today. Now I think Cali should head the new IG dept up there. It could spawn a whole new show & idea “GeekOrbit.TV”. I don’t have a problem with Netflix Streaming-Only Accounts as long as the available content is rich. Robots for Therapy in this format is a really good idea, as I think children respond better to cute animals & animated stimulus, rather than someone attempting to reach the child with a series of documented standard questions. As long as a discernable difference between reality & fantasy is clearly defined within the sessions, this could become a standard practice. And great fill-in guys, Pelpina most certainly fits the spotlight well “B”

  6. Mark says

    Don’t ever do that again…this was probably the worst for sound quality…first you put some one on that has a problem with English(speaking clearly or lack there of) then there was that thing with the baby seal (so much background noise you could only hear one in 20 words) . I get that you are taking a vacation but come on! Just put up a on vacation sign…instead of this!
    I love you Cali but PLEASE!

    • Jeremy L. says

      I don’t have any trouble understanding Pelpina, and she’s great at this (as well as her own show, WebBeat). I didn’t notice any problems with sound quality, either.