GeekBeat.TV #61 | A Deep Dive with the Boxee Box

The Boxee Box Hardware

In the box, you’ll find the Boxee Box itself, an HDMI cable, a power cable and the Boxee Remote.

Setting Up the Boxee Box

The setup process is super simple!

The Interface

I walk you through the Boxee Box interface, including watching TV Shows, Movies, and using Apps. You can also access content from your computer over the network or from an SD card.


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  1. Rich says

    I work with US Army in S. Korea, will this work overseas? The network here is awesome, but I hate getting the “This content is not available in your region.” Love your show!

  2. Tom says

    Boxee must have idiots as industrial designers! Who would ever design an AV device that doesn’t really fit anywhere. I really don’t get the point of this thing. With these kinds of services being built into every new blu-ray player and TV on the market, this is too little too late. I also don’t get all the hoo-rah about these kinds of devices replacing cable tv. It doesn’t even come close! Maybe if the only thing you watch is a few episodic series, you could cut your costs. This will never replace live tv events such as sports. Eventually the producers of live programming will start making them available over the web, but, ala carte will never be cheaper than bundle purchases unless you only watch a very narrow and small list of programming. I’ll pass.

  3. says

    Hi all, You porn.. cali, you naught naught girl.! I think we should all get an email or note from cali, commenting in her own ‘Fetish’ way, how that managed to get on the channel. see ya’all on you porn!. James

  4. Fergal says

    your a pro, only thing can you get it in Ireland, I commented before about something that lead to Bskyb and the need for a better remote and that kind of simply use, if I’m watching tv I don’t want to have to hold a computer in my hand, so this seems great.

  5. TiredoftheBateandSwitch says

    I was one of the many who pre-order the Boxee Box as soon as it became available on I used to love the Boxee interface. I had it on my iMac, and even hacked my AppleTv to run it too. So when the Boxee Box was announced, I was ecstatic with the thought of a faster processor behind the scenes with that same beautifully intuitive interface that I have come to love with my iMac and AppleTv hack version. When it arrived on my front porch a couple days ago, I quickly grabbed and un-boxed it, and to my surprise it came with an HDMI cable. Its the little things that make me happy these days, as most products lack an HDMI cable in the box. I proceeded to hook everything, powered the device on and followed the easy to understand onscreen instructions. After entering all my data, it booted to that oh so beautiful interface that I have come to love and everything worked just as I had hoped; quick and intuitively! I must have played with it for hours that day and after that long day, I decided to call it a night. I awoke the next morning and came down stairs to watch a little tv and low and behold, I found a announcement in the top left corner stating that an update was available. Being the good techy that I am, I quickly pressed upgrade in the hopes of the last minute bug fixes that always come along with 1.0 devices. As soon as it restarted it I knew that this box was going to be returned to soon. The interface was completely destroyed in this 1.0 update! The intuitiveness of the old interface was gone, to be replaced with can only be called crapware! The old interface was beautifully rendered and intuitive, gaving easy access to all my content; so intuitive that even my non-techy mother could even use it with out my help. Once you dive into the new menu interface, you’ll find that online content is prioritized over your personal content, a BIG no no in my book as I create a lot of content that I wish to have easy access to with out having to dig through several sub-menus to get to. And lets not even start about the horribly rendered graphics of each screen, it looks as if a 5yo rendered it! All in all, I had to do hard reset the device to get to the factory reset menu system to restore it back to it glorious interface of before. Now I just have to figure out how to hack it so it will stop auto updating the damn thing to the 1.0 interface!

  6. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

    Yes Boxee will be coming soon to a set-top near me. Your right, not only is my local cable provider getting more expensive, but we keep loosing analog channels. Since I got cable in my house 11 years ago, they’ve CUT 26 analog channels, FORCING me to rent digital boxes to see these lost channels on ALL my 6 TVs. But when they recently cut-off FOX & WBs My 9, due to a supplier dispute, they even *blocked* the normally free on line streaming. So Boxee is looking better & better… “B”

    • Anthony Koyer says

      You know you can put an antenna on the roof to get local hidef channels. I know many people that do that. I am in a condo and basic cable is in the assemt. I only pay for expanded basic but I use my own Tivo Box with lifetime, so no monthly fee and my own bought cable cards, so also no monthly fee. So there are ways to not have to pay Big Cable a ton each month.

      • Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

        Hay Anthony, thanks for your input, in the past in the old analog days, I got marginal signal here, maybe 80% or +/- 75db down, & that’s with a 10′ tower on the roof with the biggest Wienguard antenna available at the time, the dam thing was about 20′ long. With the best DTV antenna I could find, I tried DTV, but only get about 16 channels, some of them cutting in & out. I live very close to the Watchung Mountains in NJ here you see, and the Philadelphia stations are even less. The digital boxes I tried, kept auto correcting, so I’m kind of sunk in that respect :-( “B”

  7. Andrew Burrows says

    Thanks for the review Cali, it was great to finally see the Boxee Box in action. However, I’ve just checked in the UK and it’s selling for the £199 – that’s theequivalent of $320! I’ve been waiting for the BB for so long but I’m dissapointed that it’s goingto cost me more than 50% more than you pay in the USA.

  8. Anthony Koyer says

    So who else saw the icon for ‘YouPorn’ on Cali’s Boxie Box?! I knew she was a little freak!!! Lol

  9. says

    I’ve never been able to get into these set-top boxes… I either watch all of my content on my laptop (MacBook Pro) or my iPhone 4, both of which can display whatever I would like to onto my TV.

    • neil says

      how do you display vdos and files from iphone or laptop to lcd tv….i just bought boxee .. and i cant find the box on my laptop??