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Moshi iVisor – A Screen Protector You Can Love

Screen protectors are often a hassle to put on or use, but the Moshi iVisor is a great one that’s easy to apply, easy to remove, and doesn’t bug you while it’s on your phone.

Moshi iGlaze Armour and Kameleon iPhone Cases

Moshi also makes some great cases for the iPhone like the iGlaze Armour and the Kameleon, which comes with a kickstand.

Trident Case for the Galaxy Note II

There aren’t nearly as many cases out for the Note II as there are for the iPhone, but I’ve been using the Trident case to keep my phone safe.

i360 is a Turntable for Your iMac or Cinema Display

If you have an iMac or Cinema Display, and you frequently rotate it to show other people what you’re looking at, check out the i360 – it’s a turntable for your screen!

Robot Tea Infuser

I mentioned the Robot Tea Infuser a while back – now I’ve been using him for a while and can report that I love the geeky twist he gives my cup of tea!

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  1. Bruce R.(BPR639Geek)

    I like this screen protector, best one I’ve seen too!!! It’s for scratch & abrasion protection right? not really *impact* protect? I know a certain teen who can defeat ANY screen proctor, every phone she’s had, she has broken in some way, she needs Titanium, Kevlar or something. Q, do these covers in any way impead touch operations? “B”