A Tour of Cali’s Desk


The UpDesk is a really cool standing desk with a motor that will move it all the way from sitting position to standing. I love the way it lets me be more active throughout the day.

MacBook Air

I travel so much that having a lightweight and very portable computer is important. The 13-inch MacBook Air fills that need for me perfectly.

Cinema Display and Rain i360

I’ve got a 23-inch Apple Cinema Display for a big, main screen, but I’ve tricked it out with a Rain i360 stand that lets me pivot it around and show the screen to people in the room.

LeviSync and MiMo UM-710 Monitor

On the back of the Cinema Display I’ve got a LeviSync iPad arm. Now this is really designed for holding an iPad, but with my Note II, I don’t use a tablet much. So, we mounted an old 7-inch MiMo UM-710 display so I could run my IRC client on it and always have a window into the Geek Beat live chat!

AOC 16-Inch USB Monitor

Finally, I’ve got an AOC 16-Inch USB Monitor for following Skype and social media conversations throughout the day.