Add Glitter to Your Charging with Light-Up USB Cable

USB Visible Light Multi-Charge Short Cable
Recharging your mobile device doesn’t have to be a blah, colorless event with a generic-looking white or black cable. You can add a little bling to the experience, and see when your device is charging. The USB Visible Light Multi-Charge Short Cable from Brando will glow with pulsing light as electricity passes through it. The kit includes adapters for Nokia 3.5mm, PSP, mini USB, micro-B USB, LG, Samsung and Samsung i900 plugs and the cable is 20cm long. Maybe not the most essential piece of tech for $20, but definitely an eye catcher!

(via The Red Ferret)


  1. Rey Ford says

    Sounds really cool i would get it if the cable was a little bit longer for my nexus

  2. Eddie Ragasa says

    What no 30-pin adapter for iPhone, iPad and/or iTouch? Well, I guess he missed out on that market, all 400,000,000 of us.