Adidas Social Media Barricade is a Shoe that Gets Tweets

There are a lot of high-end athletic shoes in use at the London Olympics. But they all share one shortcoming: They can’t receive tweets.

Adidas feels the pain of athletes who need to put down the phone to pick up a relay baton, so they built a phone into a shoe. The Social Media Barricade, a variant of their adiPower Barricade, has been outfitted with phone guts and a two-line LCD display. Of course, it’s just a concept on display at the Olympics, but Adidas would love to see all the competitors in the next summer games lacing these up.


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639geek) says

    (you’re dumb); I have to agree with you. BUT, after a *proven* beta program, I’d put major dollars into this. I could see lots of excited young athletes going for this, could be big time. I’d endorse tweeting bacon packaging if I knew it would generate a marketable revenue…