Adventures of Google Maps – 8-Bit Directions for April Fools!

Google’s products are everywhere – and today they’ve announced, with the help of Square-Enix and Nintendo, they’ve developed Google Maps for the Nintendo Entertainment System, with a Game Boy port on the way!

Google Maps 8 Bit Quest Title Screen

Ok, not really… Google is known for their celebratory doodles and crazy antics but in honor of the April Fools 2012 weekend, they’ve gone old school with their Google maps, rendering everything in 8-Bit – similar to a Nintendo RPG of the 80’s!

They’ve put some incredible detail into making this map feel like “Dragon Quest,” from the tiled “villages” and streets to the 8-bit polarized and pixelized street view, complete with a little knight instead of the usual map man.

Google Maps Quest in 8-Bit with the Knight

It’s a fun time waster, if nothing else – so head over to Google Maps and try it for yourself! Of course, you can toggle “Quest Mode” off, but why would you want to? There are obviously villages that need saving and monsters that need slaying! 😉

Google Maps 8 Bit Blow NES Cartridge

Those pesky cartridges...