Advertising Everywhere, All the Time!

They’re Everywhere!

What the Beep??? Everywhere I look, there’s ads! I turn on the TV — ADS! I fire up the Internet — ADS! Turn on the radio? You guessed it! — AAAADS!

Alfred Hitchcock is rolling in his grave because he didn’t make a horror movie about ADS, instead of silly birds. And it’s only gonna to get worse from here.

Not Even Your Refrigerator is Safe!

Ads, really will, quite literally, be everywhere. Now Google wants to serve ads on my refrigerator? My REFRIGERATOR? Those little digital screens that you thought were going to make your fridge smart to track your grocery list and run the ball game so you wouldn’t miss a second when you make a beer run, are instead going to have the “Add”-on evil of ADS.

Is there nothing sacred any more? I can’t go to the fridge and get a nice, cold, refreshing Verve in peace?

Strike a nerve, get some Verve!

Your Phone, Your Watch… Your Thermostat…

But, wait, that’s not all, folks, how about your smartphone? Your smartwatch? Your smartcar? Even your smartthermostat! Advertisers want to hit you everywhere with ads, just pummeling… pummeling… pummeling you into submission.

How ‘bout your nice new shiny Google Glass displaying ads about eating products high in fiber? I suggest you avoid the smarttoilet.

By the way, how do you like my new Gunnar Optics Computer glasses? They’re engineered to reduce eye strain while increasing contrast, comfort and focus. Be like John P.!

It’s Like They Can Read Your Mind

Look, I get it, stuff costs money to make and distribute and sell. Being in business costs A LOT of money. But do we really need all of this advertising? Advertisers think we do. I’m beginning to wonder if I should shift my fear of robots to ads.

To be honest, I wouldn’t really mind ads so much if they would just develop a way to read my mind and target me with ads for things I might actually want. And now someone has.

Personal Neuro has created a brain-scanning Google Glass-like device that reads your mood, your stress levels and other “measurable aspects of your inner being.” and attempt to satisfy you in ways you never thought possible.

I’m not sure my targeted ads will always be fit for sharing, but bring it on Neuro! Let’s see what you got.

Advertise Your Love for Geek Beat!

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