Amazing Tech of Tokyo Toilets

You guys should know by now that when Cali and I were in Japan, we saw all kinds of awesome things. Houses of the future, entire stores dedicated to robots (..ok that’s not so much awesome as it is horrifying,) and so much more.

But nothing — and let me stress this, NOTHING — was as cool as the toilets they had in Tokyo.

Having a bidet and dryer is nice, sure, but these toilets had everything! Handlebars, mp3 players, and some even had the ability to make fake flushing noises for those situations that call for ninja business while you’re doing your business!

But seriously, these toilets were awesome. I want them in America. Please? If y’all know the person I need to get in touch with to make this happen, hollar at me on Twitter or Google+!


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    First I want to know how many times it took you to film this because it seems like Cali is barely holding back the laughter. I’ll admit that I giggled through half of it. Guess that’s what’s known as potty humor.