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Meet the New Bitly

Bitly has done a complete redesign and added in a bunch of new features like bookmarking and bundling pages by themes.

Nextel Push-to-Talk Going Away

The Push-to-Talk service that made Nextel famous will be going away a year from now, according to Sprint, the current owner of the system.

Amazon Instant Video on Xbox 360

You’ll now be able to stream Amazon-provided movies and TV shows to your Xbox 360 as the retailer works to compete with Netflix.

Dry Erase Anywhere

IdeaPaint has come up with a clear coating that can be painted anywhere to create a dry erase writing surface.

Hexy the Hexapod Robot

Hexapod robots are very cool – but often very expensive. This Kickstarter project is aiming to put a cool one in your hands for about 1/10th the usual cost!

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3 Responses

  1. Jendi

    I’m not near as interested in robots as you are, but I have to admit that one looks neat. I look forward to seeing yours via video and live stream.

  2. Lonnie McClure

    Regrading IdeaPaint, I remembered seeing whiteboard paint before, but I thought perhaps it was new that it was clear. A quick check at Amazon shows that not even that is unique, as Whiteyboard offers a clear dry erase paint there.

    FYI, check out some of the other interesting paints such as chalkboard paint and magnetic paint and primer.

    • Avatar of Cali Lewis
      Cali Lewis

      Interesting! Didn’t realize that – I thought the uniqueness was that it was clear… thanks for the clarification!