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Send to KindleAmazon has launched its Send to Kindle service. It’s based on a service many Kindle users have had for years now, the ability to email documents to their Kindle for easy reading on the device. This new iteration allows you to send documents from all over the web or your desktop.

Send to Kindle is available in several versions, including Chrome and Firefox plugins, Mac and PC desktop apps, an Android app, the traditional email option, and Send-to-Kindle for Website Owners, which allows for the inclusion of a Send to Kindle button built natively into web content.

WordPress bloggers have it particularly easy, as Amazon has a plugin specifically built for that platform. For other services, there’s a button-builder that allows you to construct one, with templates for Open Graph, schema.org and hNews, and customization options for other platforms. Squarespace bloggers, you can check out my own How to Use Send to Kindle With Squarespace Blogs how-to at Fiction Improbable.

One note for my fellow Canadian Kindle users; sadly, the restriction on emailing documents to Kindle for Canadians has not been lifted, and since this service is based around that older one, this will not work for us. We’ll have to continue to strain our eyes on traditional displays until Amazon enables this for us. Or until eInk tablets become a thing.


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