Android File Transfer Not Working with Samsung Device – Here’s How to Fix It!

Android File Transfer wont work
If you have, or had, a Samsung phone, camera, tablet, or any other device and you EVER installed the Samsung Kies file transfer application, the moment you did it you also killed your ability to use the Android File Transfer application.
You probably received the dreaded error:

Can’t access device storage. If your device’s screen is locked, disconnect its USB cable, unlock your screen, and then reconnect the USB cable.

After doing that about 100 times, you started searching Google for things like:

  • can’t connect android to mac
  • trouble launching android phone mac
  • android file transfer
  • android file transfer errors
  • mount note II to mac
  • and God knows what else…

But nothing helped you (until now) and all the while, the problem was Samsung Kies!

That’s right! The Samsung Kies app is solely responsible for all the misery that led you to this blog post. And your ONLY hint comes when you launch the Kies app and it gives a tiny little message that says with it installed Android File Transfer won’t work!

So, what to do? First, take a deep breath. Everything will be better in like 60 seconds. I promise. Who’s your daddy? I am… (but only if you’re a hot chick. If you’re a dude, I’m your bro.)

Step 1) Download the Kies installer, launch it, and use the official UNINSTALLER! This WON’T WORK if you just delete the app! You MUST use the uninstaller!

Samsung Kies Uninstaller

Step 2) Plug in your android device, then when you see the little USB status symbol swipe the status bar down (or access it however your Android version requires) and you should see the message “Connected as a media device. Touch for other USB options.

Connected As Media Device

Stpe 3) Touch for other USB options, and then make sure Media device (MTP) is checked.

Media Device MTP Option

Now just give it a minute and your device should pop up the Android File Transfer window!

Like I said, Who’s your daddy? :-)

Please drop a comment below if you did a Google search to find this with your search term, and share this little tutorial on your favorite social media site if it helped you, so it can work it’s way to the top of the Google results and help others too.

And have a great day!!!


  1. Mac says

    11/8/2013 just installed Kies on Mavericks. Slow connecting to Galaxy S4, but error messages seem to have gone away.

  2. Jeff says

    I have uninstalled Kies, tried using Android File Transfer and still get an error when trying to copy a file from my phone to laptop. So frustrating….any other thoughts?

  3. Tiago says


    Thanks! I knew I had to uninstall KIES, just didnt knew it had to be with the uninstaller.


    I googled it as “android file transfer error after uninstalling kies”

  4. Roebuck says

    Hi, I’ve never had Kies installed. I’ve tried everything to get File Transfer working, restarted everything, switched between MTP and PTP and I just keep getting the same Could Not Connect: Try restarting or reconnecting your device message over and over! Any ideas? Thank you!