Android Phone-Powered Satellites

Remembering Neil Armstrong

This weekend we lost the first man to ever stand on another world. Neil Armstrong was an outstanding example of the test pilot cool that the first groups of astronauts were known for, and we salute his achievements.

Android-Powered Satellites

NASA is planning a new generation of satellite, called PhoneSat, that will have a Nexus S at its core.

Jury Rules Samsung Infringed on Apple Patents

In the biggest battle of the patent wars, a jury awarded Apple nearly $1.5 billion in damages after determining that Samsung had violated their patents.

Tablets Getting Bigger, Tablets Getting Smaller

The importance of both a 7-inch and 10-inch tablet market is emphasized by rumors of the Kindle Fire getting a larger version and the iPad getting a smaller one.

Making Things Smarter

SmartThings is a Kickstarter project to take all sorts of things around your house, from sprinklers to the dog’s collar, and make them a little smarter.