Angry Birds Halloween Gets Wintry Make-Over

Angry Birds Holiday
Angry Birds mania has overtaken the GeekBeat.TV offices. John P. got Cali hooked on the game and she got me hooked. Now we all spend our days trying to figure out what kind of bird is best for breaking through stone walls and how to bring the reign of egg-stealing pigs to an end. I can’t even read the words “Angry Birds” in a script without picking up my iPad and playing a level in best zombie-gamer fashion.

If this sounds like your kind of fun, or if you’re already among the fallen, you’ll be pleased to know that hot on the heels of the Angry Birds Halloween game, there is a seasonal one in the works, due in mid-December. This will be a free update on the Halloween one, so you might want to pick that up now. According to the Rovio Mobile Twitter account, it won’t have the word Christmas in the title, but it will obviously be winter-themed.

Not yet onboard with all the Angry Birds madness? Here are some iTunes links to get you started:

Angry Birds (for iPhone or iPod Touch)

Angry Birds Lite (free version for iPhone or iPod Touch)

Angry Birds HD (for iPad)

Angry Birds Halloween (for iPhone or iPod Touch)

Angry Birds Halloween HD (for iPad)

Android users are covered too, just head over to the Android Market and search “Angry Birds”.

For some nice screenshots of the upcoming game that will have you unable to focus on work for the next few weeks, check out YLEX, but bring the translator of your choice unless you read Finnish.

UPDATE: Not only will the Angry Birds be getting seasonal, there’s an upcoming global meetup day scheduled for December 11 (what do you think – maybe the release date?). Head over to to see where the nearest one is to your location. Thanks for the tip, Nick!

SECOND UPDATE: The game is now out (much earlier than the anticipated “mid-December”), under the name “Angry Birds Seasons”. The main thing to know is it won’t necessarily suck up all your time — it’s structured as an advent calendar. One new level is unlocked each day between December 1st and 25th. So don’t plan on playing through the entire game in one sitting until Christmas.

(via Gizmodo and YLEX)