Announcing the Official Geek Beat Full-time Chat Channel

Chat KeyboardWe now have a new Geek Beat Chat set up using good old fashioned IRC (Internet Relay Chat) which anyone can join and participate in a conversation. Cali and I, along with many of the Geek Beat staffers will be checking routinely, and our goal is to move all of our weekly LIVE chats over onto the IRC channel so that we can watch a single stream rather than four different chat rooms at once.

So, if you’d like to join in on the conversation, the easiest way is to simply visit where you’ll find the Web-based chat interface. You can join the chat there, and after 120 seconds you can select from the OPTIONS menu to REGISTER NICKNAME. (I know that page doesn’t look great at the moment, we’ll fix it up soon.)

Register Your Nickname!!!

By registering your nickname you’ll be locking it in so no one else can grab it. That way when you come and go you’ll always have the same user name. If you don’t register it ANYONE can use it as soon as you log off! So if you intend to be a regular you should register it.

Use an IRC Client

Now, if you want to get fancy, the nice thing about IRC is that you don’t have to even visit the web site to participate! You can download an IRC client for just about any platform and join in that way. LockerGnome has an excellent list of the best IRC apps.

After you install your chosen app, just connect to and join the #geekbeat channel.

It’s Always Available

We’re going to leave the IRC channel open ALL the time! So there will probably always be awesome Geeks in there at all times. We’ll also be promoting people to assist with moderating as we get to know you. So if you’re interested in helping to moderate, first you’ve got to participate for a while.

That’s about it for the update! Hope to see you all on the #Geekbeat channel soon!