Apogee Jam Review

I am always on the road travelling for NewTek and the TriCaster, and the majority of the time I travel with my guitar. Travelling with a guitar amp is just not always possible and very costly with today’s airline fees. I found a product that will allow me to play guitar as if I had an amp. It’s the Apogee Jam. A pocket sized plug in-and-play interface with guitar amps and effects that works well with GarageBand software or any other compatible application. At $99 on Amazon, it  is an affordable take anywhere musical device for the die-hard guitarist.

 JAM Highlights

  • PureDIGITAL instrument connection for pristine sound quality
  • Designed specifically for electric guitar and electric bass
  • Optimized for active and passive pickups
  • No configuration, just plug in and play
  • Easily adjust input levels for any instrument
  • Multicolor LED for status indication and input level monitoring
  • Made for GarageBand, Logic, and MainStage
  • Works with iPad, iPhone 4 and Mac