Apogee Mic Review

Are you a musician or voice-over artist? Wish you could get better audio quality out of your mic? Try the Mic from Apogee. The Apogee Mic is a studio-quality cardioid condenser microphone. The really cool thing about the Mic is there is no configuration needed to use it. Like it should be. I mean, who wants to spend time setting up a microphone? You want to spend all your time creating new music, vocals or voice overs. The Mic is specifically designed for the vocal and acoustic instrument artist.Because it’s so small and portable, I can take it anywhere. Just throw it in a backpack and go. Apogee includes a tripod with the Mic and because it works with any recorder application, all you need to do is plug in, record on your favorite app and become a star.

The Apogee Mic sells for $199 at any major online or retail music store. If you have the Mic, leave us a comment and share your artistic talents.


  1. Joshua says

    Man you real good guitarist, would you play at my wedding? Just kidding. You say it doesn’t work well with Android are they developing one that will work with Android soon?

  2. Yann says

    Kinda frustrated by the review. We never actually get a chance to hear the recording, even though I think the iPhone was hooked to the audio switch somehow. The best you could have done was to use the sound recorded in voicememo instead of the live sound when editing the review, even if the sync wasn’t perfect it would have given a real sense of how the mic sounds.

  3. says

    I really like this mic. I’ve heard complaints about the lack of a zero latency monitor built in to the mic, but I think they are just thinking forward on this. They seem to have put the money in all the right places, its an absolutely pristine mic. We tested it for use in podcasting and voice over work. While dynamic mics usually rule for this type of work due to their rejection of outside noise and good proximity effects, I think this is a mic that really should be given serious consideration for podcasters. Here’s our audio tests: bit.ly/Okrc5v