Apple Announces iPhone 5 and New iPod Models

iPhone 5

The new iPhone is indeed called the iPhone 5. The big changes are to the screen and the connector port. The screen is bumping up to 4 inches, allowing another row of app icons, and the venerable 30-pin connector has been retired in favor of a smaller connection Apple is calling Lightning.

New iPod Touch and iPod Nano

Also refreshed was the iPod line, bringing the Lightning connector to it as well, and the 4-inch screen to the Touch, while the Nano got upsizing that will make it better for videos.


  1. Rick says

    These new iPhones look nice, especially now with the larger screens typing should be easier.

    I am however concerned with Apple’s inaction around privacy. The fact that nothing prevents apps from having access to your address book, telephone number, location and with other such unresolved issues, I’ll hold off on an iPhone for now.

  2. C Vella says

    Nobody mentioned about the headphone socket, that seems that had moved from the top to the bottom. I was used to the top one. :-(