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Grilling is an activity with a with range of options. You can do it with a simple charcoal grill or hibachi, or you can have a huge propane fueled setup that might rival or exceed what you have in your kitchen. If your style leans towards the more complex (and more expensive) you might want to consider the iGrill. It’s a combination of a meat thermometer and iOS app, that can tell you how hot that steak over the fire is, whether you’re standing next to it or some distance away. The iGrill hardware can support one or two probes, and displays the meat temperature on the face of the device. Temperature is also communicated by Bluetooth to the app, over a 200 foot range. It also has timing features, recipes, and a guide to correct temperatures for various foods.

The iGrill works with the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and can be yours for $99.99 (the app is free), at the iGrill web site.

(via Engadget)

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  1. Robert Bigelow

    The iGrill can certainly help make out-door cooking safer in that the cook can make sure the food is grilled at the proper safe temperature for the correct amount of time. Just for fun, I’m commenting to your post while logged in to (via SSH 3DES) a remote Unix system in Tukwila, WA http://tx0.org/178