Arcade Fighting Game Pours the Winner a Beer

Meteor Gets Congress Talking About Tracking

About 1200 people were injured in the damage that followed that Russian meteor. There are reasons we didn’t see it coming, and even things like NASA’s Fireball Network have limitations, but this meteor has congress talking about better tracking.

Boy Gets Hand Via 3D Printing

A boy born without a hand now has a robotic one, thanks to 3D printing, at a cost of $150 versus $60,000 for a conventional prosthetic hand.

Backup Your Online Work with Google Takeout

Do you do some (or all) of your work in apps provided by Google? Would you be in deep trouble if that work vanished? Google Takeout aims to backup your online work so you can store it locally, and they’ve just added coverage for Blogger and Google+ Pages.

Game Rewards Winning Player with a Pint of Beer

Arcade video games are a long-time fixture in many bars, but this one brings a new twist – it pours a pint of beer, from the game machine itself, for the the winning player!