Create Beautiful Artwork and Set it in Motion

Imagine painting beautiful artwork and setting it to motion. Now you can with the “Art in Motion” iPad app! Tap and swipe as magical colors swirl across the screen. Add orbs (round balls of colors) onto the scene and watch them mash, repel, or explode right before your eyes.

You start with creating a scene, the interactive “painting” that you play with. Instead of painting landscapes or portraits, you add orbs that contain their own unique properties. These orbs are colorful circles that you can edit, from color, to movement, to size and elasticity. So customize away! The magic happens when your fingers touch the screen.

Mesh up these options and you got yourself an amazing piece of artwork! Some scenes can require the user to interact with it by touching or tilting the iPad, while others can move around wildly. Interact with scenes while music is playing for even more fun! It’s like playing with a digital version of a lava lamp. It’s amusing and visually stimulating at the same time.

The “Art in Motion” app comes with 10 pre-bundled scenes that you can edit and play with. Simply load the scene, make your changes, then save it as a new scene. You also have the option of creating scenes from scratch as well.

This app lets you create artwork you can experience. Here’s a demo of how the app works:

When editing scenes, you can change the orb’s type (plain, explosive, gravity, and repel), size, color, bounce, shape, and friction. For each scene, you can also modify the color fades, how the orbs blend, glow, and its sharpness. In addition, you can also control the scene’s speed and physics properties. It’s a whole lot of multi-touch fun!

When you’re done playing with a scene, tap two fingers on the iPad to make the menu appear again.

A feature I’d like to see added in future updates is the ability to add music and sound effects to the scenes. For example, when the orbs collide, they could make an exploding sound while space themed music plays in the background. Another feature I’d like to see is a way for users export or upload their scenes to share with others. The developer has already thought about these features and we may see them in upcoming updates!

You can purchase Art in Motion in the iTunes App store for $2.99. For more information about this iPad app, see the official website,


  1. Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

    BTW, does anyone know if the 3rd. generation iPad will incorporate multi-tasking?

    • Profile photo of Daynah says

      I’m still waiting for the iPad Version 2.0 to be announced. No idea what the version 3 will look like. 😉

      But if you mean iOS 4 with mult-tasking, yes, the iPad will have an update sometime this Fall. No date has been confirmed by Apple yet, but I’m anxiously waiting as well!

      • Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

        Ok Dayna cool!!! That’s the only thing that put me off about the iPad. I just hope it will be on the Wi-Fi version, as I’m (sadly) so put off by the AT&T network. iPad will be my first experience with Apple computing products, I hope I do ok… Thank you for your response to my question. Keeping pumping out the reviews here. Isn’t this your first review on GeekBeat?

        Thanks again! “B”

          • Bruce R. (BPR639Geek) says

            Hi Daynah, no I haven’t bought the iPad yet. I was waiting for a lot of the kinks to be worked out & the models where multi-tasking was the norm. I’d want such applications as Skype & e-mail to be running in the background, while I worked on other programs as I do with my laptop. I will read your other articles on GB here, as well as your blog site. You have a strong sense in writing & a certain way of structuring a sentence which draws the reader in with the first few words. It’s funny, when you use the word “orb” all I can think of is Woody Allen’s film “Sleeper” & I laugh so hard :-)

            Anyway, thank you so much for all your helpful advice, type to you soon!!! “B”

  2. Bruce R. says

    Very cooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll, that’s what I feel when I see the swirling action on the screen cool… For some reason, it makes me think of my youth skating on our neighborhood ice skating pond with a thin layer of snow still on it. A word from my generation is missing from this article Physcadelic. The words Lava Lamp & physcadelic came hand in hand in the time I grew up, (the 60s & 70s that is). Burned fingers comes to mind as well, although Lava Lamps were very nice to look at, the words “don’t touch” were seldom followed by us rambunctious little rug rats. But I’m sure the cool look also comes hand in hand with the same values in the fact that with just a swipe of the finger, creates such wondrous art at the touch of our 5 digits. The article mentions “app comes with 10 pre-bundled scenes” does this mean additional scenes are available? I can’t seam to find the answer anywhere. “B”

    • Profile photo of Daynah says

      Hi Bruce! Psychedelic is a great word! Wish I thought about using it when I was writing. :) Some of the scenes that you make can be quite colorful and flashy.

      The bundle of 10 scenes are scenes that you can create yourself if you wanted to. Each one has different configurations for the orbs that you can go ahead and edit to create you own. Additional scenes are not available at this time, but may be in the future. Hope that answers your question. Let me know if you have any more!

    • Profile photo of Daynah says

      Hi Derek! Thanks for the comment. Fluid FX is a pretty awesome app too. The difference between the two is that in “Art in Motion,” you can add orbs and change their shapes, colors, size, physics properties, and more. Not all artworks turn out to be fluid and lava lamp-like. Some scenes can have orbs repel and attract each other like a war happening in the galaxies.

      In Fluid FX, your artwork is more fluid and quite relaxing to look at. You can also import images and photos and manipulate them as well.

      So they’re similar types of apps, but both have their distinctive uses. Maybe “Art in Motion” will have a sale soon. :) Thanks again for the comment!