AT&T Announces Sponsored Data

AT&T LogoWould you use a service because they offered free data? It’s now something you have to think about because AT&T is implementing sponsored data in its plans and potentially letting you worry a little less about your cellular data usage.

According to the carrier, it works a lot like a toll free 800 number. Businesses would have the option to contract AT&T to sponsor data for specific uses. This could be a health care provider, a retail business, or a movie promoting itself. Promoted data would not be billed to the customer and instead be billed to the sponsoring company. AT&T also says that any sponsored data would not be throttled or moved to the slower HSPA or Edge networks. Customers would also need not have to enroll on AT&T’s end to receive sponsored data. More details about the service can be found at As of current there are no announced plans from other carriers to follow suit, but if there are, we’ll let you know.

Source: AT&T


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    Nice article Ben. Really interesting, thanks.

    I can’t help thinking that this ISN’T the shape of things to come. I only get free data if I’m bring sold something, like a movie or whatever and its not even fast! Kinda leaves me thinking, ‘what’s in it for me?’

    I guess the old adage is true ‘if you’re getting something for free on the web, you’re not the customer, you’re the product!’

    Thanks buddy