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AT&T LogoJust before Christmas, word leaked that T-Mobile had some pretty big plans. One of those plans was a deal to pay a credit equal to the Early Termination Fee of its competitors to entice them switch. Turns out AT&T is taking it pretty seriously. So seriously, in fact, that they have struck first and announced a $450 deal to switch to AT&T.

It won’t all be a straight credit though, and not completely guaranteed. The credit itself is $200 and only available to T-Mobile customers moving to AT&T’s contract-free Mobile Share Value plans and either signing up for AT&T’s Next Upgrade/Payment plan, purchasing an AT&T phone at full retail, or bringing their own phone (presumably from T-Mobile). Do keep in mind that any payment plans owed to T-Mobile (or ETFs for established customers) would be due upon ending your service. The extra $250 is the maximum price for trade-in of your exiting phone. Not every phone would get it though. Additional details can be found at www.att.com/switchfromtmo.

So far, this new war between AT&T and T-Mobile seems to be great for consumers. It could only get better as LTE-only phones better the market in the next couple of years, and Verizon, Sprint, and the other carriers that used CDMA 3G technology join the fray. We want to know what you think. Comment below or on our social media pages.

Source: AT&T

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