Attack of the Robotic Bats!

Photoshop Touch for Phones

Want to take your Photoshop work to your phone? Now you can, as Photoshop Touch comes to iOS and Android phones.

Leap Motion Controller Ship Dates

The Leap Motion Controller promises computer control with a wave of your hand and it starts shipping May 13.

Huge Solar Storm Captured on NASA Video

Thanks to NASA, we’ve got some amazing video of a solar storm, complete with a fiery plasma rainstorm with “fire showers” that are six times as large as planet Earth.

Pluto’s Moon Now Named Vulcan

Last week, we told you about William Shatner’s push to name a moon of the planet Pluto “Vulcan”. That push was successful and now that little rock on the outskirts of our solar system shares a name with Spock’s homeworld.

Robotic Bat Wings Flap at Brown University

Researchers at Brown University have used a 3D printer to produce an anatomically-correct bat wing, which they’ve hooked up to a robotic bat brain.