Auris Bluetooth Adapter Lets You Keep Using Your Favorite 30-Pin Dock

Auris Bluetooth Audio Adapter

If you’ve upgraded to an iPhone 5 with a Lightning connector from an older model, you may be looking at your old 30-pin speaker dock and wondering what to do with it. You might be able to get your iPhone 5 to balance on the Apple-sold adapter, but that’s not a terribly elegant solution.

Auris is a Bluetooth 4.0 receiver that plugs onto a 30-pin connector to receive signals from your device up to 33 feet away, and has AptX coding to provide faster pairing and wider dynamic range. It also has a built-in microphone for speaker phone use, an AUX out jack, and its own volume control buttons.

There are a number of possible use cases ranging from someone who has switched from Apple to another type of phone, to the situation of music on a tablet, but a speaker dock that won’t accommodate anything bigger than a phone.

The Auris was a Kickstarter project last year that more than tripled its funding goal, and it’s now available as a retail product from for $49.99, in two colors – Piano Black or Arctic White.