BuQu Tech Expands PowerArmour Battery Case Line to iPhone 6


BuQu Tech has brought its PowerArmour battery case to the 4.7″ iPhone 6. The case is lightweight and features a 2,800mAh external battery. Its battery features the same Lithium Polymer technology as the iPhone 6’s own battery. It’s also designed to be installed and removed without scratching your iPhone with a soft interior lining. The […]

Projector Maker Optoma Buys Speaker Company NuForce


Two high-end A/V makers are coming together. Projector company Optoma has purchased speaker company NuForce. The pair will be a one-stop shop for your A/V needs. New NuForce speakers and amplifiers will be designed to operate with Optoma products. The combined company will will show off its latest products at CES 2015. Optoma Unites Great […]

ANA to Allow 2nd Free Bag for International Customers


ANA is increasing the baggage allowance on international flights. Starting on January 8th, passengers will be allowed two 50-pound bags instead of one. The weight and size restrictions for each bag will stay the same as they are now. For more info, check ANA’s site. ANA to increase international free baggage allowance TOKYO December 15, […]