Lytro Introduces Illum Light Field Camera

Lytro has announced their Illum Light Field Camera. The Illum features a 40-megaray light field image sensor, an 8x optical 30-250mm zoom lens, and an f-stop rating of f/2.0. It's Light Field Design offers a...

1Password Releases Major Updates for iOS, Mac

AgileBits has released major updates to its iOS and Mac versions of 1Password. For the iOS version, 4.5 is more than just a point release. It could have been called 1Password 5.0 if they wanted to. It's...

Korner Brings Home Security to Everyone

It wasn’t too long ago that security systems were prohibitively expensive and had to be installed and monitored by someone like ADT. An Indiegogo project called Korner aims to change that.