Microsoft Returns to the Basics with Windows 10


In the two years since Windows 8 hit the market, things have been interesting to say the least. While the OS worked great on convertible PCs and tablets, traditional keyboard users and enterprise users have been less than enthusiastic. For a company that works with businesses for a good portion of its revenue, that is […]

iOS Gaming: Rise of The Bluetooth Controllers


The First Generation of iOS controllers were a bit of a mixed bag. Several controllers were announced, but only the direct-connected Logitech PowerShell using the standard API and the Moga Ace Power ever made it to market. While these were solid entries, they were missing some things. First off, they were form fitted for the […]

Thecus Adds Home Automation to Their NAS Devices


Thecus has announced that they are adding home automation to their NAS Devices as a way to extend functionality beyond just storage. The home automation will consist of third party add-ons. Examples of these modules are MisterHouse and Homegenie. You can find all the modules at the Thecus App center or on their forum. Thecus […]

GoPro Launches New Hero 4 Series of Action Cameras


If you’re not familiar with GoPro’s line of Hero action cameras, you’re probably living under a rock. I take that back, because a GoPro probably filmed something awesome on that rock. With the new Hero 4 line, they’ve truly made one of the best cameras out there even better. Let’s take a look at what’s […]

QNAP Releases QTS Firmware Update for Shellshock Vulnerability


If you have one of the QNAPs listed below, which is pretty much all of them, follow the instructions and update your firmware immediately. The 4.1.1 build 0927 update fixes a Unix-Linux Bash vulnerability called Shellshock. QNAP’s QTS is based on a Linux platform. To install, download and then go to Firmware Update within you […]

Flux Capacitor Car Charger Handles All Your Mobile Power and Time Travel Needs


There’s one thing every car needs, a Flux Capacitor… look alike car charger. While this probably won’t send you backwards or forwards in time, it will charge smartphones for you and your passenger. It also gives a cool light show like the one in the movie. Just don’t use it with a DeLorean DMC-12 (Steve […]

AOC Announces New 24″ Gaming Display with Nvidia G-Sync Technology


AOC has released a new display for you gamers out there. The AOC 24 Gaming Monitor uses NVidia’s G-Sync technology and features a 144Hz refresh rate with a super fast 1ms response time. It’ll keep up with your high end graphics and those you are trying to frag. The monitor offers a 24″ Full HD […]

Xtreem Launches New Mini Stealth Drone Quadcopter


Xtreem, a division of Swann, has a new 6-inch quadcopter drone they’re calling the Mini Stealth Drone. The drone features a 6-axis remote on the 2.4GHz band. The Mini Stealth Drone has a 330-foot range and a 7-minute flight time. Its battery can be recharged by USB and the remote uses standard AAs. The Xtreem […]

Apple Release iOS 8.0.1. – DON’T DOWNLOAD IT (Update: 8.0.2 fix released)

No iOS 8

Apple today released iOS 8.0.1. If you didn’t get the hint from the title, please, please, please keep this off your phone. As reported by Jason Snell of, the update is more like a bug insertion than a bug fix. There are reports of problems with the cellular connectivity in the newly released iPhone […]

Smart Home Maker Revolv Announces Integration with IFTTT


Revolve does the impossible in brining devices using different connection standards into a single interface. Now they’ve integrated their platform with IFTTT. If you’re not familiar with IFTTT, it stands for “If This Then That”. The service uses “recipes” to make different connected devices perform actions in sequence. The initial integration will be based on […]