Banzai Blowfish!: Like Angry Birds but with Blowfish — Baannzzaaii!


Red Piston, a Canadian app company, has released a highly addictive game for the iPhone called Banzai Blowfish. It’s a physics-based puzzle game with 40 beautiful levels, bright animations, and it enables players to share their achievements with Game Center. At first glance, you can’t help but think of Angry Birds which isn’t a bad […]

New Pocket Projectors Show Crisp Images in Bright Rooms


Chemists and physicians physicists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering (IOF) in Jena, have produced a projector that consists of a new optical system capable of projecting crisp images even in bright sun-filled rooms. The optical system, appearing to be a tiny cube, is only 11mm square and 3mm thick and […]

Electric Vehicle-Friendly Scenic Byway


Washington State is creating the first U.S electric vehicle-friendly scenic byway by placing two to three quick-charging stations along Stevens Pass Greenway (U.S. Highway 2) . The charging stations funded by the Federal Recovery Act, will be placed along the 120 mile stretch of land and will allow electric cars to quickly charge up while […]

Robots Replace Teachers at 21 Schools in South Korea


EngKey, a robot designed to gradually replace native English-speaking teachers, has been rolled out in 21 schools in South Korea so far this year. EngKey robots were designed to help students with pronunciation of the English language while providing students with the “feeling” of a teacher present though telepresence technology. The English Jockey aka EngKey […]

Mac App Store is Live: A Look at Angry Birds, Twitter and Smoovie


The Mac App Store went live today bringing the iOS distribution model to Mac desktop apps and so far it’s incredibly novel. The Mac App Store interface, as we’d expected, is strikingly similar to the iOS app store, offering the general quick link options such as redeem, categories, purchases and updates. The categories are somewhat […]

Xtranormal Creates Cool Animations — No Experience Required

xtranormal themes

Xtranormal is an amazing online service that brings out your inner animator. It offers a series of options to publish online animations that can be shared with YouTube, downloaded in high-quality and it creates a unique URL for each video. After picking an environment or set for the movie, the user dashboard allows you to […]

The Top iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad Apps of 2010

Angry Birds

We’ve reached the end of a very successful year for developers within the mobile app space. Many developers are bringing in a pretty decent passive income after launching their app. And, some mobile companies are being bought up by companies like EA for millions. Recently Chillingo, the publishers of Angry Birds (the most addictive mobile […]

The TV’s Just a Flick Away for Media

Snapstick Media Solution

When we think about integrating our web-media and Hulu content with the TV, what’s the easiest possible solution that comes to mind? The process in its simplest form might go something like this: Pull up a video/website on a device and point it at the TV to send it over… that sounds great right? Silicon […]

ElectroHub Charges Almost Any Device – Smartphones, TV Remotes & Toys


Charging stations like the PowerMat are incredibly handy tools, especially for gadget geeks handling multiple devices. However, they’re not perfect. They usually have their limitations and only offer support for a limited number gadgets, namely smartphones that additionally require special cases in order to use. As an example, to charge the Nintendo DS or iPhone […]

Draft Yourself into the Legion of Action Figures

Picture 2

Who wouldn’t want an action figure of themselves? Sadly it’s unlikely this would ever happen, unless you became a global superstar. But seriously though, if “the Situation” has a figure, we should too. Sculpteo has created a way for us “ordinary” folks to get our hands on mini-me versions of ourselves by using 3D printing […]