Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 880

Apps for Awesome Road Trips!

There’s still plenty of time for an epic road trip (or two) this summer! But you’re gonna want some apps on that phone to make it more enjoyable...
GBTV-UpDesk-First Look

First Look: The New Geek Beat Edition UpDesks!

On our trip to CE Week, we stopped in Nashville at the UpDesk factory to see the custom Geek Beat Updesks that will be going in the Geek House! Here's a first look at what these awesome desks will be like!
JBL on GeekBeat Episode 871

CE Week 2014: JBL Headphones for Active People

We stopped by the JBL booth at CE Week 2014 and checked out a couple of headphone options that can keep you grooving at the gym and anywhere else you want to take your tunes!