3DPalooza – How DotProduct Uses Android Tablets for Handheld 3D Scanning

DotProduct at 3DPalooza

http://youtu.be/dTdOlrjTyOI One of the things we saw during 3DPalooza that got us really excited was the way the guys from DotProduct were doing handheld high-resolution 3D scanning at the GeekHouse using systems built around off-the-shelf Android tablets. They use the processing power of modern tablets to process the scans in real time, right on the […]

3DPalooza – How Faro Uses Lasers for Hi-Res 3D Scanning

3DPalooza - Faro

http://youtu.be/3sD5kH7W2Q8 During our big 3DPalooza event we had the building scanned using a bunch of different technologies and types of equipment. Faro pitched in with the work, and we got to enjoy seeing their Focus3D X 330 in action. These are tools made for 3D surveying – they are fitted with GPS and have a […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014

GeekBeat Gift Guide 2014

All our gift ideas for this year, from each of our gift guide episodes as well as some you won’t even see on video! Also, keep in mind that the prices are always changing, so you might want to click through and double check them. You might find a special deal on some of them! […]

Tour of Cali’s and John’s UpDesks!

John P and Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 924

http://youtu.be/CQaxd2bK-OA What’s the perfect way to set up an office work area? We’ll show you how we do it – Geek House style! Cali’s Office The one common factor of both our offices is the Geek Beat Edition UpDesk! We have these throughout our building and everyone loves them. We both have the UpWrite desktop, […]

Turn an Old Tie in to a Bow Tie!

Bow Tie Tying

http://youtu.be/oMobHf6KQZ0 Got a closet full of out dated and out of style neck ties? Ready to jump in to the world of bow ties? Here’s how you can take those old, ugly neck ties and turn them into trendy and awesome bow ties… and without a single cut or stitch!

Apple Shows Off New iPads, Macs and OS X Yosemite

John P and Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 919

http://youtu.be/X6ej3yl91RA Apple held an event today in Cupertino to announce new versions in several of their product lines. The iPad Air, iPad Mini, iMac, Mac mini, iOS 8, and OS X all got refreshes. We’re taking a look at what we got, and what we didn’t. iOS 8.1 and OS X 10.10 Yosemite Monday will […]