The Big Fat Wallet!

David Foster and his Giant Wallet What size wallet do YOU keep? David Foster finally got rid of his massive wallet that he kept everything in… including rewards cards, baby pictures and the kitchen sink!

What Do You Want???

Cali Lewis wants Vlog ideas We’re making vlogs about anything and everything we can think of, but really, these are for YOU… so what do YOU want? Maybe there are details about the Geek House or what we do here that you want to know more about – so TELL US! Let us know on any of our social […]


Cali Lewis with Bacon There are unboxings and then there are BACON unboxings! Huge thanks to patron Charles Phillips for the bacon care package from Nueske’s! Now I just have to protect it!

Monsters in the Geek House!

Scratching Tunes with Monster at the Geek House Noel Lee and the guys from Monster stopped by the Geek House to see what we’ve done with the place and show us some cool stuff they’ve been cooking up. We got to try out the Monster GO DJ, a hand-held DJ controller, and the Superstar, an awesome sounding speaker!

Unleash Music Chart Creation Power with 12Bar

12Bar You’d think an iPad would be great for musicians playing a concert for keeping track of their sheet music. And it’s certainly got potential, but it’s been largely unrealized – until now. We talked to Johnny Mack and Rich Williams about their new app, 12Bar, which makes makes creating and managing chord charts and […]