Cool New Charging Options from Tylt

Tylt - new building It’s no secret that we love Tylt products – we all have their backpacks, we use their charging cables… they just make great stuff. So we were thrilled to talk with Kannyn MacRae about all the new stuff they’re rolling out of their new headquarters! Kannyn told us about their new building, and all […]

Amazon Buys Twitch for Just Under a Billion Dollars

Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 896

We’ll be at the Samsung event in Berlin, Twitch now belongs to Amazon, wearable tech from Ralph Lauren on the tennis court, OTA recording from Tivo, and a great flash for photographers on a budget!

Ergotech Sit-Stand Workspace Options for Your Desk or Wall

Ergotech Unboxing We got a couple of cool, sit-stand desk options from Ergotech! The One-Touch FlexView is a wall mounted system that allows you to have your monitor and desk surface attached to any wall – no desk required. The One Touch Ultra will mount on either an existing desk, or a wall, and can hold […]

Unboxing: Security Cameras from Interlogix

Interlogix IP Camera Unboxing We already have an awesome badge access system in the Geek House thanks to Todd Pacey and Interlogix. Now our security gets another boost with a bunch of security cameras from Interlogix. We’ve got indoor and outdoor dome cameras to help us keep an eye on things, as well as a network video recorder […]

Login to Multiple Google Accounts Simultaneously

Google Chrome Users Tip If you have to jump from one Google account to another, you know that it can be a hassle to do it in a single browser because the account IDs are shared between tabs. Here’s an easy way to do it in Chrome using sandboxed browser tabs assigned to different users. It’s built in […]

Basketball on a Giant Touch Screen!

Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 892 Basketball Court is a Huge LED Touch Screen We begin in Shanghai where there’s a basketball court. WHAT?! I know! Can you believe it?!? Well, this isn’t any court. It’s a special court. Nike created the world’s first full-sized LED basketball court for players who are competing to advance to the Nike World Basketball […]

Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay and Dan Pidgeon Join Us for the Geek House Grand Opening

Leo Laporte Skypes Into Geek House Opening An awesome moment happened during the Geek House Grand Opening when Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay and Dan Pidgeon joined us for the big show. We talked with Leo and Alex about the growth of tech video on the web, and how things have changed since the “old days”, and Dan took a break from […]