Monsters in the Geek House!

Scratching Tunes with Monster at the Geek House Noel Lee and the guys from Monster stopped by the Geek House to see what we’ve done with the place and show us some cool stuff they’ve been cooking up. We got to try out the Monster GO DJ, a hand-held DJ controller, and the Superstar, an awesome sounding speaker!

Unleash Music Chart Creation Power with 12Bar

12Bar You’d think an iPad would be great for musicians playing a concert for keeping track of their sheet music. And it’s certainly got potential, but it’s been largely unrealized – until now. We talked to Johnny Mack and Rich Williams about their new app, 12Bar, which makes makes creating and managing chord charts and […]

IFA 2014: Elgato Smart Power Battery for iOS

Elgato Smart Power at IFA 2014 Elgato is a company that been around for years, but most of us know them for their TV and video recording gear. At IFA 2014, I visited their booth and found they are doing some cool stuff in the battery field with the Smart Power Battery. It’s a 6000mAh battery that can provide up […]

IFA 2014: Hands On with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 at IFA 2014 Samsung brought us out to IFA 2014 to host an after-announcement discussion of their new products including the Note 4 and Note Edge. We’ve used Samsung Note phones since they came out and love them – these look like great next versions and we can’t wait to add them to our daily gear.

IFA 2014: Strolling in Berlin

Cali and John in Berlin at IFA 2014 Shortly before we were to go on camera as part of the Samsung Unpacked event at IFA 2014, John P. and I took a stroll around the grounds. Why not? It was a beautiful day and we grabbed the opportunity for a little fresh air! There’s a bunch of stuff getting announced here, and […]