Onewheel Lets You Surf Through Your World #CES2015

Onewheel at CES 2015 Want to go snowboarding where there is no snow? While we wait for a hoverboard, you can try out the Onewheel, an exercise in balance and a unique form of transportation we saw at CES 2015. One piece of advice though – you might want to skip wearing high heels if it’s your first […]

Kids Learn to Program with Dash and Dot Robots #CES2015

Dash and Dot Robots Do your kids want to build the next generation of super software? Then get them started programming now with Dash and Dot, two small robots that can help little geeks learn basic programming concepts in a fun way. Dash and Dot are made by Wonder Workshop.

Wocket from NXT-ID Trades Your Old Wallet for a Single Card #CES2015

Wocket Technology is moving into payment systems in a lot of different ways. While systems like Google Wallet and Apple Pay are great, there are times when you need a physical card to swipe. Wocket, from NXT-ID, gives you that card, while keeping it secure, with a token good for only a single use.