UpDesk Standing Desk Review

Standing desks have become all the rage. Sitting all day at a desk has become unproductive and unhealthy. With the UpDesk, you get the best of both worlds.
SpinLight 360 product line

PhotoPlus Expo 2012 – SpinLight 360

You install the Spinlight 360 on your current flash system and it allows you to soften the light on your subjects and use the surroundings as a softbox.

PhotoPlus Expo 2012 – Samsung Photography

Samsung came by the booth to show off their new line of cameras. Their hottest new camera was in the point and shoot line, the Galaxy Camera.  This is no normal camera. Yes, it takes photos and videos, but...
Aviator Travel Jib

PhotoPlus Expo 2012 – Aviator Travel Jib

The Aviator Travel Jib is an ultra-light-weight, compact camera jib that lets you get sweeping, cinematic camera moves almost anywhere your heart desires.
Ready Rig thumb

PhotoPlus Expo 2012 – Ready Rig

Many cameramen and women can tell you the most annoying thing about the job is lugging the camera around all day. Cameras today may seem small and petite, but try holding one steady for 20 minutes with...

PhotoPlus Expo 2012 – CamRanger

Most of us have seen remote camera shutter releases. I think every photographer has one in their camera bag. There are a ton of different models out there to choose from, as well. But I bet you haven't seen...

PhotoPlus Expo 2012 – Peak Design Capture

A lot of photographers have one thing in common, they carry their cameras on camera straps. But that doesn't always work well. What if there was a way to attach your camera to whatever you are carrying, say a...
Athentech Perfectly Clear thumb

PhotoPlus Expo 2012 – Athentech Perfectly Clear

The folks at Athentech have solved all our problems when it comes to photography. According to Andy Williams of Athentech, they have the world's best plug-in for image correction. They are your first stop in...