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45 Drives Jumpstarts Our New Data Center!

A few weeks ago we mentioned a company called 45 Drives that has a single server that holds, you guessed it, 45 drives equalling a whopping 180TB of server space in one unit. We thought that was pretty...
Ricardo Garza Unboxes Hyper iUSBport HD

Hyper iUSBport HD Unboxing

Ricardo Garza was one of the winners of our #CESlive giveaways, and after receiving his Hyper iUSBport HD device, he shot this unboxing video that we wanted to share with you. iUSBport HD lets you wirelessly...

#CESlive: LG’s Hot Tech at CES 2014

LG paid us a visit to show us the awesome gear they are showing off here at CES 2014. Among the amazing stuff were phones and TVs with curved screens - and one TV that can curve on command from the...
Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 761

CES 2014: Lenovo Vibe Z Packs Photo Editing Power

Want a sophisticated photo editor built right into your phone? The Lenovo Vibe Z has a 5.5-inch screen, a 13MP rear camera, and a 5MP front camera. And once you take the picture, the real fun begins with their...
Delta Air Lines

Delta Says No to In-Flight Voice Calls

The CEO of Delta Air Lines, Richard Anderson, has announced that no matter what decision the FCC and FAA make next year on the question of calling from private mobile phones in flight, Delta will not approve in-flight calling on their planes.