Tech 21 Introduces the Richie Kotzen #RK5 Signature Fly Guitar Rig


For the bulk of his 2014 tour with the Winery Dogs and his recent solo tour, Richie Kotzen was using the final prototype of his RK5 Signature Fly Rig. Countless sightings and questions were posted in social media by fans wanting to know about the mysterious red pedal. After an intense, year-long collaboration, the Richie […]

#Tech21 Introduces the #dUg Pinnick Ultra Bass 1000 Signature Bass Amp Head


The dUg Pinnick Signature Ultra Bass 1000 is a 2-channel bass amp head with an all-analog pre-amp and 1000-Watt Class D power amp. It was designed in collaboration with dUg to create a single amp capable of achieving the unique sound he developed by running a guitar amp and a bass amp together, along with […]

Good Luck Getting Hold Of The #RichieKotzen OMG Signature Overdrive Guitar Pedal


The Richie Kotzen OMG Signature Overdrive is not only insanely awesome but ridiculously popular. Named not only after one of his songs, “OMG” is a perpetual exclamation whenever one hears Richie Kotzen play. Developed as a standalone pedal, it is an expanded version of the overdrive section within the Richie Kotzen RK5 Signature Fly Rig. […]

Review: Alpine Labs’ #Michron & #Radian


The story behind the Micron and Radian is a bit complex but interesting. As anyone who reads GeekBeat.TV knows, the world of Kickstarter is rich and varied. It’s the largest source for crowdsourcing, hosting projects of all kinds from books on adventure role-playing games to software to unique gadgets and everything in between. A couple of the success stories from of […]

Boost COMP Compression Pedal for Guitar and Bass from #Tech21


The Boost COMP uniquely gives guitar and bass players pre- and post- tone shaping adjustability to achieve the right balance that complements their instruments and playing style. Presence provides a pre-compression tonal boost for high-end string attack and clarity. Tone provides a post-compression cut or boost to generate a mellower, more lush tone without getting […]

Pixel Film Studios releases FCPX: Audio Visualizer #FCPX Plugin


Pixel Film Studios has released a new professional audio visualizer for FCPX. Final Cut Pro X editors can now create wriggling lines, bars, points, and shapes that move to the beat of the music without ever having to set a keyframe in FCPX. With the FCPX: Audio Visualizer, making video DJ backgrounds is effortless. Editors […]

Review: #Kumbacam Gimbal For GoPro

G3 3axis 1 thumb

Are you are struggling to shoot better looking hand-held video with your GoPro action camera? Florida-based Kumbacam has a solution to solve one of the most vexing problems for hand-held videographers. Shoot steady, more professional looking video using the Kumbacam Gimbal Kit. GoPro delivers more powerful features with each iteration of their action cam. For […]

Review: #BeachTek DXA-SLR ULTRA


The BeachTek DXA-SLR ULTRA is a new audio mixer designed for DSLR and mirrorless video cameras which has XLR inputs and  manual buttons for video recordings. I’ve always had issues using DSLRs as video cameras because the subpar audio that most DSLR video cameras produce. Most DSLR’s have a 3.5mm microphone input, but it is […]

Review: #SOLOSHOT2


About two years ago we were introduced to the first version of SoloShot: a video camera accessory that uses a transmitter to communicate with a receiver and automatically pan a camera by tracking a waterproof tag on the target of the shot. The product was of great interest to surfers but it had a major […]

How To: Understanding Focal Length And Angle Of View

Untitled 2.001

Photo: Neon Trees by giovanni gallucci A common challenge for beginning photographers is understanding focal length. Shortly after buying your new DSLR or mirrorless camera you might find yourself searching for new ways to make your photos stand out. For many, this leads to a search for a lens, or lenses which will help you create […]

Suhr Announces #Rufus Re|loaded Guitar Pedal


Suhr announced the new Rufus Re|Loaded this week, an update to its Fuzz pedal that includes several improvements. Rufus Re|Loaded is a unique pedal that offers a variety of unique fuzz effects. In this update Suhr added extreme dynamics and a new octave effect. Suhr focused on creating a powerful, easy to play octave-up, that […]