First Look: 2015 Ford F-150

Ford F-150 on Geek Beat The Ford F-150 truck has been around for years, but looking at the 2015 model it feels completely new. Ford has redesigned a ton of features on the truck, such as making all the body structures from a nice, heavy-duty aluminum. They’ve also added a bunch of cameras and sensors to control external lights […]

Make your Sprinkler System Smarter with Sprinkl

Sprinkl on Geek Beat Lots of kinds of older technology are getting a facelift and now it’s time for the sprinkler system in your yard to get smart! Sprinkl is a system that runs on Android and they aim to do for your yard what Nest did for thermostats. Valve control is run through a touchscreen, and sensors […]

Unboxing: Manfrotto MVK502AQ Video Tripod

Unboxing Manfrotto Tripod We’re replacing all the video tripods we use on the Geek Beat set with awesome new ones from Manfrotto – the MVK502AQ tripod to be exact. This system is comprised of two parts, the legs and the video head. The legs are REALLY tall – you can get your camera over head level with […]

3DPalooza – 3D Robotics Shows Us the Iris+ Quadcopter

IRIS at 3DPalooza I love quadcopters, as you know if you’ve been with us for any length of time. Some one of the highlights of 3DPalooza for me was getting to play with – and even fly – the Iris+ from 3D Robotics. This is a big, serious quadcopter rigged with a gimbal to carry a GoPro […]

3DPalooza – Making Sense of All the 3D Data with Kubit

Kubit 3D Screen After you’ve collected a bunch of 3D data like we did during 3DPalooza, somebody has to pull it all together. That’s where Kubit come in! Kubit plug-ins for AutoCAD work with shape extraction, pattern recognition, and other cool stuff, to turn a lot of scans into a single, very complex 3D mapped output.

Unboxing: Manfrotto 1X1F LED Lights

Unboxing Manfrotto 1X1F We use Manfrotto gear throughout our studio, so I was very excited to get several boxes of new light panels, the 1x1F model. The lights are very lightweight, which will make them great for travel. The panels emit light with a beam angle of 50°, with a brightness of 1400lux at 5600K. Intensity can […]

Unboxing: NewTek TriCaster Mini

Unboxing the TriCaster Mini We showed it to you in its big world premiere, and now a NewTek TriCaster Mini has come to live at the Geek House! This is the professional mobile video switcher and production rig designed to be ultra-portable and easy to take with you to shooting locations with a quick setup (about ten minutes […]