There’s a UFO on the Rosetta Comet – And It Ain’t US!

UFO on

About 15 hours ago, the European Space Agency announced a landing site for a mission to the Rosetta Comet. But just a few hours ago, the ESA released a high resolution photo of the comet that clearly has something visible which can’t be explained. Yes folks, its ACTUALLY a UFO! The Rosetta Probe cost a […]

IFA 2014: Shoulderpod S1

Shoulderpod S1 at IFA 2014 You can take videos with your phone, but it’s hard to get quality results, because it’s hard to keep the phone stabile. Most of the time you’re just concentrating on not dropping it! That’s no way to get good video! The S1 from Shoulderpod makes holding the phone much easier while taking video. The […]

IFA 2014: Sony QX30

Sony QX30 at IFA 2014–HAZw0 The Sony QX30 is a camera that will pair up with your phone, and actually act as an extended camera for the phone. You can clip the QX30 onto the phone, or use them separately from each other, with the phone in one hand and the camera in the other. It connects to your […]

IFA 2014: Toshiba TransferJet

Toshiba TransferJet at IFA 2014 A frequent challenge with technology is the simple act of passing data from one device to another. There are options, but they all have their problems: too slow, too clumsy, too insecure… the list goes on and on. To solve this Toshiba has created the TransferJet, which makes moving files fast, easy and secure. […]

IFA 2014: The Coolest Stuff We Saw

Cali Lewis on GeekBeat Episode 901 What is IFA? IFA is a huge European consumer technology show. It’s similar to CES, but in a lot more buildings – not necessarily bigger than CES, because the buildings are smaller, but it’s very maze-like, and it’s open to the public. And while we were in Berlin, we visited Schloss Charlottenburg, an enormous […]

IFA 2014: RHA T10i Stainless Steel Headphones

RHA T 10i Stainless Steel Headphones I never thought I’d see a pair of injection molded stainless steel headphones, but at IFA 2014 I found just that. The RHA T10i headphones are unlike any headphones you’ve ever used, with some awesome features brought over from heavy duty studio equipment to a form factor well suited to using with your phone […]

Building a Cyclorama Wall in Dropcam Time Lapse

Building the Geek House Cyclorama Wall We’ve already told you about our giant Cyclorama Wall at the Geek House. It’s 25′ x 25′ x 12′ and it will allow us to do some really cool infinite white background stuff when shooting videos. But putting it together was one of the bigger single projects in the Geek House remodel job. Here’s […]