John P’s Last Episode

John P on GeekBeat Episode 1028 Facebook to Support 360-Degree Video While speaking to developers at Facebook’s annual F8 conference in San Francisco, Mark Z revealed news that Facebook is soon to support 360 video. So that means you’ll finally be able to purchase cameras like the V.360, Ricoh’s Theta M15 or the Kodak SP360 and have widespread support for […]

Review: BenQ treVolo Electrostatic Speaker

John P on GeekBeat Episode 1027 Well, it’s been awhile since I showed you guys any electrostatic speakers. In fact, I think the last ones we looked at were a few years ago when I showed you the Martin Logans. My favorite speakers in the world! But today we’re gonna take a look at the world’s first portable Bluetooth electrostatic […]

REVIEW: Cold Steel San Mai Laredo Bowie

Cold Steel's San Mai III Laredo Bowie

As many of you know, I’m not only a blade enthusiast, but also a trained Bladesmith and member of the American Bladesmith Society. Incidentally, if you haven’t seen it, we shot a little trailer for a show we were pitching called American Bladesmith. But I digress… this setup is merely to establish the fact that […]

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Review: Three Months With The King of Tablets… er, Laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 b

Our friends from Microsoft sent over a shiny new Surface Pro 3 tablet a few months ago, and I took my sweet time reviewing it. That’s not to say that it didn’t instantly win me over – because it did! But then I was tricked into doubting myself because of some very well documented CPU […]

HTTP/2 Upgrades the Internet

HTTP/2 Upgrades the Internet The Web’s getting a serious upgrade, the US Government is selling Bitcoins, and … the Girlfriend Body Pillow. HTTP/2 is ready to set fire to the Internet with blazing fast speed, supercharging all those slow requests for connections that bog down every little thing you do online. Two banks in the UK are allowing smartphone fingerprint […]