KEF Blade Speakers Bring Amazing Sound to Geek House Opening

KEF Blade Speakers One of the really cool things we had at the Geek House Grand Opening was a set of AWESOME speakers from KEF – the Blade speakers. These are $30,000 speakers and might be the best speakers you’ve ever heard. Dipin Sehdev from KEF told us all about Blades and the research work that went […]

How to Stay Safe While Being Targeted by Fireworks!

John P on GeekBeat Episode 897

A homemade suit that will keep you safe from fireworks, the most amazing motorcycle helmet ever, a heads-up display for using your phone in your car, connecting easily to the internet of things, what sleep trackers tell us about earthquakes, and a lightbulb that changes color based on your choice of movies!

BitTorrent Sync 1.4 – Sync Your Phone or Tablet with OSX, Windows or Linux for FREE!

BitTorrent Sync Blog Image Today the good folks behind BitTorrent released Sync version 1.4, and I gotta tell you – it’s a fantastic way to sync your phone with a desktop computer. For example, if you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, Note or anything else that normally uses Samsung’s proprietary Kies application, you can dump it immediately […]

David Tennant is in the Geek House

David Tennant We have a lot of cool stuff hanging on the walls in the Geek House. Our friend Steve Thompson (laser harpist extraordinaire!) wanted to bring something special to add to our collection, so he went above and beyond in scaring up this autographed photo of 10th Doctor David Tennant, personalized to Cali and me. […]