Shooting 4k with JVC’s GY-HM200U, Computers Copping Attitudes, and The World Gains a Second

1074_thumb_no_text This episode was brought to you by Nolan’s Sweet Heat Jams! The Jam with an attitude. Get you a case of the good stuff here. Read more about the Leap Second here. Our new camcorder that we’re currently working through issues with… the JVC GY-HM200U. The document containing Google’s AI Research is called A […]

Win a RE Waterproof Camera from Geek Beat and HTC!

RE Camera

If you’re not familiar with the HTC RE waterproof camera, you can read a full review here. The HTC RE is a fantastic little camera that fits in any pocket, and we’ve got one to give away right now! Here’s a little sample of what the RE can do in (and under) the water: Enter […]

Personal Luxury Tanks, Google’s Project Soli and the OBi200 Google Voice Over IP Gateway

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Google’s new Soli radar based interactive sensor detects sub millimeter motions at up to 10,000 frames per second. Plus Jack Dorsey returns to Twitter, the Ripsaw EV2 extreme luxury vehicle and the OBi200, a $49 Voice Over IP gateway box that lets you take Google Voice phone calls on your home phone. More Info: […]

Texas Bandsaw Massacre!

Screenshot 2015-06-16 11.40.19 You are not going to believe what John P did with the new bandsaw!!!! Looks like giovanni will have to get used to using his iPad from now on. Connect with Geek Beat: facebook: instagram: twitter:

Camalapse VS the Ikea Egg Timer for Timelapse

Screenshot 2015-06-08 16.02.01 If you happen to have a GoPro, or some other suitably tiny camera that can do time lapse photography, a great way to add some dynamic impact is to incorporate motion. Now I just laid out $1,100 for the Rhino Slider EVO motorized camera slider, and I can’t wait to get my hands […]

Lucifer, Jetmen, Waterproof Quadcopters, and Schmacon

Lucifer The Devil made me do it! And a couple of psychos fly jetpacks all over Dubai. Oh, and a waterproof quadcopter. Because. Waterproof quadcopter. It’s rare that I get excited about TV shows, especially since I’m a cable cutter and basically only have Netflix. But a new show called Lucifer on Fox looks genuinely […]

Unboxing Schmacon!

Schmacon Mooove over Bacon Schmacon has bigger, bolder, better flavor with less sodium, fat and calories. Connect with Geek Beat: google+: facebook: instagram: twitter: youtube: Geek Beat is one of the world’s most recognizable technology news brands, delivering daily tech news, tips, and reviews. Our mission, quite simply, is to […]

Geek Beat’s Top Ten Tools for Teams

1033 Today we’re focusing on a common problem for tech and start-up geeks: namely people working on the same project from different locations. How do you keep em on track and on task? Here are ten tools that should do the trick: Let’s start with an obvious choice: Google Apps for Work. For $5 a […]