Angry Birds 2 is In The Wild. Yippee.

Raining Ducks

And now, from Rovio, the much anticipated Angry Birds 2! The successor to the world’s most popular game! Er… or is it? Although Rovio would like us all to get freaky about the release of Angry Birds 2, I think this should really be like Angry Birds 10. After all, we’ve already got Angry Birds, […]

How to Upgrade and Install Windows 10


Well folks, today is the big day for Windows users. The free upgrade to Windows 10 is now available. And if you’re wanting to upgrade your system, you can look down in the system tray for the little windows 10 icon and select it to follow the prompts through to the upgrade. However, if you’re […]

Blue Line Innovations Launches EnergyCloud Web Platform and Mobile App

EnergyCloud Report

There’s good news on the horizon for anyone looking to keep an eye on their energy usage in real time. Blue Line Innovations is announcing the release of a new monitoring service called PowerCost Monitor that combines a bit of hardware with mobile apps to allow clients to view real time and historical usages stats. […]