First Look: 2015 Ford F-150

Ford F-150 on Geek Beat The Ford F-150 truck has been around for years, but looking at the 2015 model it feels completely new. Ford has redesigned a ton of features on the truck, such as making all the body structures from a nice, heavy-duty aluminum. They’ve also added a bunch of cameras and sensors to control external lights […]

Make your Sprinkler System Smarter with Sprinkl

Sprinkl on Geek Beat Lots of kinds of older technology are getting a facelift and now it’s time for the sprinkler system in your yard to get smart! Sprinkl is a system that runs on Android and they aim to do for your yard what Nest did for thermostats. Valve control is run through a touchscreen, and sensors […]

3DPalooza – 3D Robotics Shows Us the Iris+ Quadcopter

IRIS at 3DPalooza I love quadcopters, as you know if you’ve been with us for any length of time. Some one of the highlights of 3DPalooza for me was getting to play with – and even fly – the Iris+ from 3D Robotics. This is a big, serious quadcopter rigged with a gimbal to carry a GoPro […]

3DPalooza – Making Sense of All the 3D Data with Kubit

Kubit 3D Screen After you’ve collected a bunch of 3D data like we did during 3DPalooza, somebody has to pull it all together. That’s where Kubit come in! Kubit plug-ins for AutoCAD work with shape extraction, pattern recognition, and other cool stuff, to turn a lot of scans into a single, very complex 3D mapped output.