Sproutling Goes a Big Step Beyond the Baby Monitor

Band on the baby

x http://youtu.be/slyXHix8hLg Back in January I reported on the introduction of a smart wearable baby monitor from Mimo that captured more than simple audio to transmit the condition of the infant and its environment. The Sproutling Baby Monitor goes even farther, capturing numerous datapoints and making predictions and assessments of the baby’s behavior and mood.  Reducing […]

Can the FBI Spy Through Your Webcam?

Eye of sauron

Over the weekend my friend sent me an article claiming that the FBI can secretly activate webcams to spy on people without turning on the LED. That is a juicy headline, and I found many articles leading with that bombshell.  They all referenced a Washington Post story that described the hunt for an elusive potential terrorist named […]

Google Drive Review

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More free storage than Dropbox. Less than Microsoft Skydrive. WAYYYY less than Box was offering. The question is what Google Drive offers to differentiate itself from the competing options out there.