Review: Podcast Like a Radio Jock with BossJock


The traditional way to create a podcast can be complicated. It involves a recording computer, specialized software, skill to layer audio effects, and a quality microphone all taking up a large amount of desk real estate. With the amazing Bossjock Studio iOS app, you can easily record and publish a high quality podcast from anywhere […]

SwiftKey Announces New iOS 8 App


With iOS 8, Apple now allows third party companies to create any number of different keyboard types. One great option coming soon is SwiftKey. SwiftKey is a predictive smart keyboard which learns from your typing habits to greatly increase the speed and accuracy of your mobile typing. Formerly an Android exclusive, SwiftKey will now be […]

Review: Ubiquiti UniFi Wireless Network System

UniFi Map

The Ubiquiti UniFi system is an enterprise grade affordable wireless networking solution that makes it easy for IT administrators to deploy and maintain a high quality and scalable wireless network. Traditional enterprise wireless systems are expensive and difficult to mange, and they often require highly trained, and expensive to hire, IT professionals. The Ubiquiti Networks […]