Fotodiox FlapJack LED Light Review


Fotodiox’s new FlapJack LED Edge line provides the convince of LED lighting with the softness of a Florescent Softbox. One of the biggest challenges of lighting for starting podcasters is they often need studio quality lighting, but with an extremely limited space and monetary budget. Traditional stage lighting provides the best light, but at the […]

Rackstuds Review and Demo


x If there is one thing universally agreed upon by data-center and network engineers, it’s that everyone hates mounting equipment with cage-nuts. Cage nuts not only require multiple tools to use, but also basically requires at least two people to install the simplest of equipment (one person to hold the gear in place while […]

WWDC 2015 – OSX El Capitan


At the WWDC 2015 Keynote, Apple announced the next version of OS X is El Capitan. Similar to Apple’s “Snow Leopard” moment in the previous incarnations, the primary focus with El Capitan is improving not only the user experience in OS X, but also the performance levels of the operating system. Usability Enhancements Unlike the […]

WWDC 2015 – watchOS 2


While the Apple Watch has only been available for a short time, Apple is already hard at work iterating the next version of the operating system, watchOS 2. New Faces To provide a more personalized experience, watchOS 2 now lets you pick an image or album for your watch face. Additionally, a new Time-Lapse face […]

WWDC 2015 – Apple Music


Apple Music is a new holistic social music platform attempt by Apple to move the music industry into the modern social technology era. The focus of Apple Music is to help all artists, from super stars to upstarts in their bedrooms, find a way to connect with their audience from a single place. As it […]

WWDC 2015 – iOS 9


Like OS X El Capitan, the iOS 9 update focuses on improving usability and increasing performance over iOS 8. Intelligence With each iteration of iOS, Apple continues to push and improve the accuracy and capabilities of Siri. In iOS 9, Siri gains contextual and natural language queries. You can ask Siri things like “Show me […]

Review: Podcast Like a Radio Jock with BossJock


The traditional way to create a podcast can be complicated. It involves a recording computer, specialized software, skill to layer audio effects, and a quality microphone all taking up a large amount of desk real estate. With the amazing Bossjock Studio iOS app, you can easily record and publish a high quality podcast from anywhere […]