Amazingly High-Res 3D Printer Gets a Crowdfunding Campaign

3D Printed Ball

I’ve reported on Junior Veloso’s amazingly accurate 3D printer before. Veloso’s take on 3D printing is a bit different from more traditional kit 3D printers that use an extrusion process to produce objects. His device uses UV light and a UV reactive resin to essentially pull a solid object out of a pool of the […]

Sennheiser MM100 Bluetooth Headset Review

Sennheiser MM100 1

Wearing a Bluetooth headset gives me a high-degree of mobility and keeps the rest of the world well drowned-out while I work. I’ve recently been looking into ways to upgrade my listening experience though and I have certainly found a contender in the Sennheiser MM100 headset.

id America Spark Headphones Review

Spark Headphones box

I expected that these headphones would sound pretty good but end up getting a little tinny with high highs and flat with really heavy bass. I was pleasantly surprised. The sound quality and the depth of these headphones really is quite impressive.