Scrivener for Windows Review

Scrivener Interface

The writer’s first drafting tool Scrivener has been around for some time now, but most of that time it’s been found only on the Mac. Lucky for me, earlier this year Literature & Latte released a series of betas of their new Scrivener for Windows, and I’ve been hooked since I found it. The heart […]

Google+ Gets a Load of Updates For Christmas

Google+ Additional Permission Controls

Google has been hard at work living up to their promise to roll out new Google+ features and that hard work is really showing this week. They’ve launched several important new privacy features and improved Hangouts yet again. Privacy & Commenting On the privacy front, Google Community Manager Natalie Villalobos posted on Google+ about enhancements to […]

Nothing Says Christmas Like Elf Sabers

Elf Sabers

It’s December, and that means it’s time for YouTube to start celebrating the holiday season in its own inimitable style. Yes, it is the month for holiday-themed videos. Take Rolling Person Productions’ Elf Sabers, for instance. It’s Christmas in an LA casting office and someone’s looking to cast elves in a new production. All’s well […]

American Apple Users Rejoice, iTunes Match is Here

iTunes Match

You’ve waited; it was delayed; you waited more. Now, as long as you live in the United States, it’s finally here. iTunes Match has launched with the iTunes 10.5.1 update, allowing you to scan your music library of tracks acquired from sources other than Apple. Matches that are found will be replaced with high quality […]

REVIEW: Tower Defense Against the Undead in Grave Defense HD

Grave Defense

Grave Defense HD by Bulkypix is a strong tower defense style game, available for iOS (as a universal app) and Android. This review is based on the iPad version. You’re the commander of the defense forces working to stave off armies of the undead as they advance upon the city. The game takes place over […]

How To: Create Google+ Pages For Brands, Businesses and More

Google+ Page Basics

You’ve seen all the excitement about yesterday’s launch of Google+ Pages and can’t wait to make one or two or ten yourself, but you’re not sure where to begin. No problem, we’re here to help! The first thing you’re going to want to do is head over to, which should be conveniently linked on your Google+ […]

Google+ Debuts Pages – Gives Businesses a Voice

Google+ Pages

Update Google+ Pages are now LIVE. will now allow you to create a Google+ Page of your own for your brand, business, website or other service. However, please be aware that Google may still be rolling out this functionality to some users. If you still can’t create a Page, let us know in the […]

How To: Share from Google Reader to Sites Other than Google+

Google Reader Sharing

Google updated their popular Google Reader software recently and the reaction to the new version has been loud. Some people (such as myself) like it. Others are justifiably upset at the loss of features they used to use. One feature that I’ve heard complaints about is the ability to share to sites other than Google+. […]

New Android Market Makes Tentative First Appearance

Android Market Update

Android Central has spotted an early appearance of Android Market 3.3.11 with some welcome new features. Visually there aren’t many differences from what you see now, but check the settings and you’ll find some important and welcome improvements. Tell all apps to automatically update. Only update apps when connected to wifi. Automatically add shortcuts to the […]

Google+ Photos Replaces Picasa Web Albums

Google+ Photos Pumpkin

Google made a big change to Google+ photos yesterday, with a new Google+ Photos section which replaces Picasa Web Albums. This will be bad news for people who enjoyed the interaction between G+ and Picasa, but fear not; your Picasa albums are still all there, you just don’t get to them from Google+ anymore. In […]

Google+ Ripples Gets Analytical with Popular Posts

Google+ Ripples

Take THAT, Twitter Trending Topics! Google has added a whole swath of new features today, starting with Google+ Ripples. A riff on the trending topics concept, Ripples has fun analytics built right in. Above you see a Ripple diagram of a post I shared from a friend, allowing me to see where the post came […]