Microsoft Introduces Office 2016

Microsoft Office 2016 Excel

One day after they briefed the world on the future of Windows 10, Microsoft has released new information about the upcoming Office 2016. Office 2016 will be available for mobile devices as a universal app. They are bringing it to everything from Windows Phones to the Surface Hub. Office 2016 for desktops will show up in […]

Microsoft HoloLens Ushers in a Windows Holographic Age

Microsoft HoloLens

By far the most exciting part of the Windows 10 briefing that Microsoft gave today was the revelation of Microsoft HoloLens, a secret technology that looks like something Tony Stark should have demoed. It is, unfortunately, tied in with a headset, but despite that immediate drawback, it looks incredibly impressive. The headset is itself a […]

Windows 10 Gaming Announcements Bridge Win10 PCs and XBox One

Windows 10 Start Screen

Microsoft’s Windows 10 coverage included a generous heap of announcements about their gaming plans for the platform. The core of the XBox experience is now a cross-platform app. This XBox app will be available for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets. It brings My Games, Messages, Friends, Activity Feed, cross-platform gameplay & voice and text chat […]

Revolve Robotics Shows KUBI at #CES2015

Kubi at CES 2015 KUBI 2.0 is a robotic teleconferencing iPad stand that enables cheap and easy telepresence. It’s battery powered, or can be powered over micro-USB, with an approximate 4 hour battery life if it’s not plugged in. Lights on the front of the device change color to give you an idea of the state of the […]

Sphero Shows Ollie & SPRK at #CES2015

Sphero at CES 2015 Sphero talked about their connected play advancements with their robot toys. They mentioned their SPRK educational program, which stands for Schools Parents Robots Kids. They’ve got a chariot attachment for Sphero that fits right over the top, allowing you to attach cameras and other devices to it to be driven around by the Sphero. […]

Ford Talks Sync 3 at #CES2015

Ford at CES 2015 When Ford joined us for CESlive, the focus was all on Sync 3, the in-car operating system. Sync’s app link technology lets the car work with the apps on your phone to give you a personal experience. Sync 3 has a new interface which was designed with input from users of previous versions in […]

BMW Talks Connected Car Technologies at #CES2015

BMW at CES 2015 BMW had a lot to say about the connected technologies they’re working on when they talked to us at CES 2015. They have crash avoidance so good they invited CES attendees to test drive and TRY to crash it. Nobody could. Then they talked about what they call “your second dashboard”, your tv, where […]

Data Security with ioSafe NAS 1515+ at #CES2015

iosafe The ioSafe NAS 1515+ is powered by Synology. It’s a 5-bay NAS that is a fireproof, waterproof, private cloud. Storage will depend on the drives you put inside, but it’s expandable up to 90TB in up to 15 bays. It features new, faster hardware encryption with access speeds up to 180MB/s, or 450 MB/s […]

Blossom Smart Sprinkler System Makes Watering Efficient at #CES2015

blossom The Blossom smart sprinkler system conserves water and significantly reduces water utility bills. It uses Powerline technology for connectivity, which means it has a nearly limitless range (unlike Wi-Fi,) and works indoors or outdoors. You can control it from anywhere, via iOS or Android smartphone, tablet or computer. It can handle multiple zones with […]

Lenovo Talks Yoga Tablet 2 With AnyPen on #CESLive at #CES2015

IMG_0380.JPG The Yoga Tablet 2 allows objects such as a regular pen or pencil or even a knife or scissors to be used to write on the tablet without damaging the screen. It’s also the world’s first Windows tablet enabling the use of any ball-point pen or pencil, as a stylus while providing a more […]

Papyrus Talks Papyrus App on #CESLive at #CES2015

IMG_0375.JPG We would like to show off Papyrus, which is now available for both Android and Windows devices. We can demo the latest features and capabilities of Papyrus on both platforms. Papyrus is a hand-written notetaking app. It’s vector based rather than bitmap, so writing and drawings can be manipulated in many ways after the […]

Wikipad Talks Gamevice for iPad on CESLive at #CES2015

IMG_0373.JPG Gamevice transforms the iPad Mini or Air into a portable video game console. It provides all the power and enjoyment of what you have to come to expect from console gamepads in a completely flexible, completely portable form factor. Gamevice has dual analog sticks, sturdy twin triggers and classic a D-pad and button configuration. […]