“Baby Got Back” Sung By the Movies

Oh. My. Gawd. This video is so totally wicked awesome. (Yes, I’m from the 80s. Stuff it.)

Somehow, someway, this awesomely tubular editing madman used 295 different movies to sing Sir Mix-A-Lot’s kickin’ song, “Baby Got Back”.

Once you start watching, you can’t look away. And then after that, you’ll feel like watching again and again. It’s a masterpiece, I tell you – a glorious, amazing, pure-editing-genius, beautiful-nod-to-the-early-90s masterpiece!

The video was just posted a couple days ago and already has 418,000+ views!

Four months ago, the YouTube user also did “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey — “sung” by the movies. Sir Mix-A-Lot works a lot better and I think I’m kind of obsessed with it.