How To Backup Your Data from the Cloud with Google Takeout

When you upload a video to YouTube, do you keep a copy of that on your hard drive or do you just TRUST that nothing will ever happen to it? Do you store all your contacts’ phone numbers on Google through Gmail? Do you use Google’s documents and spreadsheets? Do you use Google+ or Blogger?

What happens if your account gets deleted? What happens if something goes horribly wrong on Google’s end? What if… you lost it all? You don’t have to!

There’s something called Google Takeout. Through the Data Liberation platform, Takeout allows you to download all the stuff you’ve uploaded to them. That way, you have a backup for life.

Just go to and choose which services you want to keep a copy of. Create the archive and put it somewhere safe!

Simple and easy.

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    Hi, how is this different from Google Drive for desktops and mobile? I can choose what is synced and what is available off line with Google Drive. All major file types are supported.