Bad Parking Cards: Overstuffed Gone – But the Goodness Lives On!

Bad Parking Cards

Bad Parking Cards

Thanks for stopping by! All of the original batch of Bad Parking Cards from our Kickstarter project are gone, but never fear! We still have our NEW batch! They may not be uber-overstuffed, but they are still… oh, what is the word… awesome? No… cool? No, too weak… EPIC! Yeah, that’s the ticket.

So go ahead and order some! You can spread them around the office, give ’em to your friends, whatever! All the while, you’ll be helping your favorite Tech Show! No, not that one – Geek Beat! 😉

US $35

For orders shipping to all US based addresses, place orders here.

International $55

For orders outside the US, place orders here.


  1. says

    Good luck with your bad parking card sales.
    I invented that idea back in the 80s but there was no internet to make my fortune.
    I printed them on my Commodore 64 dot matrix printer using card stock and stuck them under people’s windshield wipers.
    I was ahead of my time.

  2. Steve says

    Wondering when you will be able to ship them overseas (Australia) ? and how much will the delivery fee and cost of the packs will be.

    BTW Cali and John P, you guys make a fantastic show. I watch them religiously and found lots of your advice and tips very very helpful

    • Profile photo of Cali Lewis says

      Steve – we JUST opened up international shipping on these. But ONLY on the Overstuffed Boxes while they last. Once Amazon has the smaller boxes, we won’t have international. Just take a look above for the International shipping button. It’s $20 extra.

      • Steve says

        Thanks Cali, the moment I found out that it can be done I placed an order :)

        Can’t wait till I get them..

      • Steve says

        I just got notification that the order was “delivered” to my address in Australia, but I am sad to announce that I never received the item. I wasn’t at home at the time they “said” it was delivered, I never signed for the goods and it was never left at my door, nor is there a notification card in my mail box stating to come and collect it.

        Do I need to follow it up with you Cali and John? Or contact USPS as to where it is?

        Thank you for your time.


  3. George Moore says

    Hey I’m thinking of buying a new laptop maybe a macbook pro and I was hoping you could give me any advice you can give me. I’m wondering about maybe buying a refurbished one. Any advice you could give me would be amazing. Thank You! Sorry my comment isn’t about the bad parking cards.

    • Profile photo of David Foster says

      Hey George, it really depends on your needs. What do you generally use a machine for? I purchased a refurbished iMac and have no complaints whatsoever. Just need a bit more info to offer any kind of advice at all… :)