Belkin LiveAction Mic Review

The Belkin LiveAction Mic brings quality sound to your iPhone’s movie recording capabilities in a form of a pocket-sized directional microphone with an integrated shock mount.

Belkin LiveAction Mic When recording video from an iPhone, many users rely on the onboard microphone to pick up audio. While the onboard microphones are decent, they are pretty suspect to room noise, background sounds, and anything else that might be happening in the space. The LiveAction Mic solves this by providing you with an attached external microphone with two modes.

In the standard directional mode, the microphone provides a nice wide range of pickup in front of the phone. It’s great for doing quick interviews in a moderately noisy setting.

In the super-directional mode, the microphone uses a much narrower pickup field that extends a bit further out than the regular mode as well. In very noisy environments, it works well to reduce noise, but it also easily picks up noise from directly behind the subject. Another issue is in this mode, the audio is heavily amplified such that you need to have manual control of your recording levels to prevent it from clipping.

Belkin LiveAction Mic Mounted The LiveAction Mic uses a single AAA battery to power the microphone and the mount itself has an embedded shock mount to protect the mic picking up sound from light bumps to the iPhone. A really nice feature of the mount is the adjustable pad which allows you to use it with many different thicknesses of case backs.

The Belkin LiveAction Mic retails for $49.99 and is available from various retailers.